My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 7: Catarina is just straight up dumb

Maybe that’s why she hasn’t noticed that a harem has formed around her.

— Since the cat is out of the bag, we may as well learn a thing or two about who Sophia was in her previous life and how she first met Catarina. We actually learn her previous name (Atsuko). Why is this important? Because for some reason, we don’t get to learn Catarina’s previous name. They’re also hiding the top half of her face. Why? Beats me. I mean, how can Catarina’s previous name and face actually spoil anything?

— In any case, Catarina was just as dumb in her previous life.

— As we already know, our heroine eventually got into a traffic accident and died. Atsuko was obviously devastated, but she also resolved to live her best life: “I’ll carry on in the new world that she gave me.” I thus can’t help but wonder how Atsuko met her fate. Well, that’s even assuming that death is the only way to get isekai’d.

— Back in fantasy land, Sophia wakes up from her “nightmare” and immediately seeks Catarina out. It would be really interesting if she suddenly revealed the content of her “nightmare” to Catarina. I mean, wouldn’t it be nuts if both girls reconnected as former best friends? But of course, we can’t have that. Sophia doesn’t actually remember her “nightmare” all that well. Not only that, Catarina goes, “I’m sure you had a sad dream because you’re nervous about [the upcoming exam].” Wut. Seriously, what does an exam have to do with a sad dream?

Well, this is just not true.

— Speaking of the upcoming exam, it’s a literal dungeon! Basically, the kids have to navigate a maze full of traps in order to find a “stone inhabited by magical power.” So is there only one stone? Aren’t there multiple teams? How can everyone pass if they’re all hunting for the same stone? Ah, don’t worry about it! It’s not like the plot matters!

— Like always, Geordo and Keith are bickering over Catarina, but she’s blissfully unaware.

— I guess the mean girls are now shifting their focus to Catarina. Haters gotta hate.

— I love how they say it’s “dark and spooky,” but the dungeon has neatly-lit candles in almost every corridor. You also have mechanical buttons in the middle of a stone pathway. Needless to say, Catarina is too dumb not to press the button. Luckily, she has the boys to keep her safe. It’s hard enough to watch over Catarina, but the boys still have the time to fight over her within hearing distance. I mean, she’s literally right next to them, but does she know any better? Hah.

— At some point, an ice barrier impedes the group, but this just gives Geordo the opportunity to look cool. Unfortunately, the animation isn’t so hot (no pun intended), so there’s nothing to see here.

— Elsewhere, Mary and Maria think they’ve stumbled onto the magical stone, but it ends up being a trap as well. What’s with the girls trying their best to screw this up for both teams? Alan gets the chance to play the hero, but it’s kinda pointless. They might be engaged to each other, but they also both like Catarina (Mary a little more than Alan).

No, no, she’s got a point…

— Catarina’s team eventually comes across a huge pool of water, so it’s Keith’s chance to shine. Every boy gets a shot. Yawn. Of all the candidates, I obviously have to root against the siscon.

— Our heroine keeps triggering traps left and right, so she eventually gets separated from her team. It was bound to happen. Why is she so bad at this? Well, she seems to have the wrong person at the controls.

— Catarina then instantly gets hungry, so she goes right for the obviously poisonous mushrooms. I don’t get it, man. She wasn’t the brightest bulb in previous episodes, but they’re really doubling down hard on her stupidity in this one. Why is she even worried about food in the middle of an exam?

Some shadowy thing is now stalking Catarina, but this doesn’t get resolved anytime soon. Near the end of the episode, Maria sees the shadow lurking behind Catarina, but she has no answers for us. Oh well. I guess we’ll finally get a subplot that lasts more than a single episode in this series.

— When the harem assembles in order to find Catarina, the Ascart siblings reveal that they can use the power of wind to find her voice. Time for more shoddy special effects!

— Meanwhile, our heroine uses her dumb luck to somehow stumble onto the magical stone. Apparently, it was just lying on the ground. Well, that’s anticlimactic. Not surprisingly, Catarina doesn’t realize what she has in her hands. She’s a little too fixated on those poisonous mushrooms.

— Well, Catarina used up all of her luck, so she’s right back to endangering herself. She ends up being saved by Sophia of all the people to come to her aid. I mean, the Ascart sister is probably the physically weakest out of the entire harem. Nevertheless, beggars can’t be choosers.

— Maybe Sophia now remembers what her dream was all about. Or maybe not. Maybe she just blurted out a feeling without truly understanding the underpinnings behind it.

— In the end, Catarina is saved by a gust of wind. I have to assume that Nicol is responsible for it, but all we get is yet another shadow.

— Look at these idiots. Look at them. The thirst is real.

1 thought on “My Next Life as a Villainess Ep. 7: Catarina is just straight up dumb

  1. lensman (@l3nsman)

    Well, now you know why her fan-nickname is “Bakarina”.

    As a side-note, her previous life persona obviously suffered from the debilitating malaise known as “H-Protagonist Syndrome”. No wonder people are attracted left and right.


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