Plunderer Ep. 19: Welp, this is going to be a quick post

‘Cause 99% of this episode is pure trash.

— At the end of last week’s episode, Hina tries to get it on with Licht, but he now can’t look at her body without puking… rainbows? Either way, he’s technically right. She is a child period.

— And so is Nana, but that won’t stop her from groping the children. Essentially, she’s trying to drown her sorrows in alcohol. I guess I’d be sad too if the guy I love has been ignoring me for the past 300 years. As a quick refresher, she’s been by Licht’s side for centuries, but he only took his mask off when he met Hina. Oh, anime and their love polygons…

— The problem here is that Licht is a huge, fat liar. When given the opportunity, he’ll gladly grope Lynn. Well, she’s just as young, so there’s some other reason preventing him from being all over Hina. She thinks it’s because her boobs might be too small, but nah. After all, weebs have always thought that flat is justice. Plus, she’s not flat anyways. My next guess is that perhaps he now sees Hina as family, but I mean, when has that ever stopped anime before?

— Nevertheless, Hina won’t give up. For once, the pervy ojisan won’t grope the young teenager even though she’s practically throwing her body at him.

— Jail is tired of seeing Nana hide her true feelings, so he punches Licht. That’s how bros talk. Punch first, discuss later. Next, he hands Licht an iPad with Nana’s video journal. Oh man, you’re just gonna expose her like that, huh?

— Licht gets to finally hear Nana’s true feelings, so he apologizes. His excuse is that he didn’t know how to smile, so he just continued to hide his face behind his mask. Uh-huh… sure… but this still doesn’t explain why he took his mask off for Hina. But of course, Nana doesn’t bring that up. She’s just happy to get an apology.

So happy.

— She even admits to herself that she may have fallen for Jail a bit. God, these girls have shit tastes in men. Whoops, I shouldn’t be rude to Nana. We must respect our elders.

— In the morning, nothing has changed. It’s still more alcohol and fanservice. In fact, the girls have decided to make things even easier for us by getting in their bathing suits. I don’t know why they have bathing suits on hand, but just roll with it.

— By the way, we’re more than halfway through the episode and not a single story development has taken place. But that’s okay, because it’s time to talk about how “fat” Lynn is.

Ugh, what a disgusting hippo!

— Apparently, 300-year-old obasans can drink gallons of alcohol and still keep a slamming bod. Maybe sending people into the past really burns calories.

— Lynn also forces Sonohara to strip down, but I’m not gonna screencap all the lewd shit. Go watch it yourself.

— Can this end already? Can it? Soon.

— Right before the credits, Hina tries one more time to confront Licht. I seriously thought she was gonna assault him while he was hanging upside down. She lets him go, however, so he finally reveals (wow, a plot development) that he actually knows her mother. Well, there you go.

— Best case scenario is that he was simply close friends with Hina’s mother, so she’s like a niece to him. Worst case scenario is that she’s actually his daughter, but I doubt it. This has been the canon couple from the very first episode. As trashy as most anime series are, even they wouldn’t cross the Usagi Drop line in the sand (YEAH I SAID IT).

— Still, it doesn’t really add up for me. If he knew Hina was all this time, why did he still try and perv on her in previous episodes? Or did he only come to know Hina’s mother after Hina went back in time? Man, time traveling plots are dumb.

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