Listeners Ep. 11: A plan that was never gonna work

How can you come up with a plan that doesn’t even involve one of the primary protagonists?!

— Roz wakes up to find her people raging outta control. Even though Mu told everyone that she’ll be back in seven days, she still left a huge mess for them to deal with. I don’t really know how bad I should feel for these children, though. Obviously, I feel a little bad. They are children, after all. But how complicit were they in Tommy’s evil plan to dominate the world? Shrug. The story never got into this.

— As for Nir, I guess she just crawled her way back to the friendly old lady and has been laying low since then. Huh.

— Speaking of underdeveloped subplots, what did those sisters really want? I thought they wanted to destroy the world. I thought they knew what that would entail, i.e. their own demise. But now that they’ve been saved by Denka’s message of love, they’re going to turn a new leaf? Feels kinda rushed like everything else in this series.

— Anyways, Denka has a new message. It’s a message that he should’ve tried to spread years ago, but it’s better late than never. Unfortunately, those like Nir are too consumed with hatred to be swayed. Maybe only Echo can convince her otherwise.

— Roz goes to see Denka because she wants to offer him her assistance. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t care about the fate of the world. Her primary concern is to help her dear friend Mu. People like her always crack me up. Those like Denka put themselves in this position by betraying the Gnomes back then, but to say that every single person deserves to die is ridiculous, no? For someone who’s all about empathy for the Listeners, why doesn’t she have empathy for innocent humans who have nothing to do with this conflict?

— But moving on, Roz tells Denka that Mu is trapped in a cage, i.e. Jimi’s old Equipment. They think that if they can just free her from the Duel Showman, then the old Mu will come back. I don’t really know why they believe this. Plus, from a narrative standpoint, you know it can’t work. If it could, then Echo would be useless. It’s his job to save her, however, so this plan is sure to fail. Kinda saps the episode of its suspense, huh?

— Also, how come none of these people have asked the most obvious question: “Where’s Echo?” Why would they try to save Mu without Echo?

— Elsewhere, we finally revisit Bilin and Kevin. The girl blames herself for this mess. She’s the one who encouraged Mu to go on her trip of self-discovery, so she feels that she’s ultimately responsible. Eh, Tommy’s truly to blame, but oh well. Luckily, Kevin manages to talk Bilin down for now.

— Kevin reveals that he hasn’t just been sitting on his butt for the last ten years. Apparently, he’s been working on something that will allow every Player to pool their power. Only together — like one musical Spirit Bomb — will they be able to stop the Duel Showman. I want to know why Jimi’s Equipment is so much stronger than everyone else’s Equipment, but meh… maybe its powers are being amplified by Mu being the King of the Listeners.

— We go right back to where it all started: Liverchester. Right before disaster strikes, Echo’s sister even sees a vision of Mu telling her to run away. So beneath the whole King of the Listeners persona, the old Mu is still there… but of course, we knew that. Otherwise, there’d be no one for Echo to save. At the same time, however, where can Echo’s sister really run to? If the King of the Listeners gets exactly what she wants, isn’t it futile to try and escape? Won’t humanity be fucked either way?

— Mu shows up right on schedule, so the Players proceed with their plan. At first, it does appear to be working, but again, they’re operating on the premise that freeing Mu from her “cage” is all that it takes. Well, Mu’s free now… and it doesn’t look like she’s any friendlier.

An evil-looking Equipment surrounds Mu, and her counterattack pretty much leaves the Players in shambles. Since Kevin told Roz that he would take responsibility if the plan failed, he offers to stay behind and protect everyone while they try and escape. Bilin, however, isn’t happy with this, so she slaps him across the face. I guess it’s one of those implied “I love you so I won’t let you die without me” kinda deal.

— We also still have Nir who was never part of the original plan to begin with. She just wants her revenge. So together with Bilin, the two girls try and reach Mu. It’s kinda foolhardy, though. If the combined powers of hundreds of Players couldn’t stop Mu, why would two individuals be able to?

— Not surprisingly, they both get swatted out of the sky like a pair of annoying flies.

— Luckily, Echo has finally decided to show up. I wonder what he’s been up to for the last seven days. Maybe it took him that long just to run here.

— Judging by the previews, next week’s episode looks to be the last.

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