Plunderer Ep. 23: Killing children is the only way

When Hina heard that Doan murdered children during the war, her reaction cracked me up. I don’t even know why. I guess when the episode is so boring, even something this minor can be entertaining.

— Starting from the top, Sonohara cackles with glee, because according to her, Licht can kill her again. But then later in the episode, she says she’s happy because she can now be by his side. So which is it? I don’t even know anymore.

— Doan starts to blame Licht for everything. Because he defended her from bullies, she only ever felt safe with him. By abandoning her during the war, he made her go mad… again, this is according to Doan. I mean, that’s kinda rich coming from him. After all, he’s one of the people who bullied her, and now he’s trying to be sensitive about her feelings? Get outta here.

— Then Doan tries to blame Licht for everyone in Class 1-A committing suicide. Because Licht made everyone believe in pacifism, his classmates decided to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the children. Oh, what a shame! Like c’mon, these arguments are dumb as hell.

— This entire time, Pele is trying to save Lynn so that she won’t lose Licht to Hina. Um, one, she already has. Two, why is Pele actively trying to sabotage himself? I guess he likes her so much that he’s willing to give her up.

— Anyways, it looks to be lights out for Licht until Jail finally shows up to lend a hand. And of course, he’s always busy adjusting his damn glasses. In fact, he’s adjusting his glasses even when Sonohara is shooting at him.

— For some reason, none of Sonohara’s bullets can hit Jail even though his count is now only 1. I dunno, maybe she could try shooting more than just hot air. But jokes aside, apparently she has no convictions like Jail. Yep, that’s how bullets work. You have to believe.

— All Jail has to do afterwards is scold Sonohara, and voila, she’s no longer yandere! Amazing!

— It’s now time to focus on Licht and Doan. Remember how our hero had no problems with the ugly bastard near the end of last week’s episode? Remember how Licht was gonna walk away with an easy victory until Sonohara showed up? Well, none of that matters now, because Doan is apparently strong again.

— But first, we need some pathos. Apparently, Licht has one other major “weakness”: he can’t kill children. As a result, opposing armies sent children to assassinate him during the war. Doan ended up having to step in and… yep, that’s right: kill the children. How fucking dumb is that? Look, I don’t care if Licht can kill children or not, because at the end of the day, they’re still children. You’re telling me that the one-man army somehow can’t knock the knife out of the child’s hand? Or just run away with his super speed? He really needed Doan to murder every single one of those children for him? C’mon.

— Basically, Doan doesn’t want another war. Licht, however, thinks they can do better with his newfound friends. So the two of them keep fighting like a pair of meatheads. But like I said, Doan is apparently strong again. He proceed to literally create a black hole (even though that isn’t what a black hole looks like), which then swallows Licht up. The episode thus ends on a cliffhanger…

— …but Licht can be seen in the previews for next week’s finale, so yeah, great cliffhanger, boys. Oh well, just one more week and I’ll be free of Plunderer. Thank God I dropped Tower of God. I can’t imagine having to keep blogging both of these shows in one day.

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