Anime First Impressions Kenja no Mago Series

Kenja no Mago Ep. 1: Here we go again

Yet another isekai for us to enjoy. Yay.

Anime First Impressions Series Shoumetsu Toshi

Shoumetsu Toshi Ep. 1: Can’t fill the gaping hole in my heart

The story is shrouded in mystery, but at the same time, it only has 23 minutes to work with. As a result, this opening episode is a mishmash of seemingly disparate elements that isn’t too satisfying to watch unless you like scratching your head in confusion.

Anime First Impressions

What Else I Watched Today: Lightning round edition

These are shows I probably won’t revisit next week, so I may as well get them out of my system now.

Anime First Impressions Kono Oto Tomare! Series

Kono Oto Tomare! Ep. 1: Dialed up to eleven

Takezo is now the sole member of his school’s koto club after his upperclassmen all graduated. It’s up to him to keep it alive by recruiting bright-eyed first years. Unfortunately, he’s not remotely likable, and that’s because everything in this show is dialed up to eleven.

Anime Fairy Gone First Impressions Series

Fairy Gone Ep. 1: At least it’s not Killing Bites

When I read the show’s synopsis, I thought people would turn into weird animals to do battle: