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Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 8: A Tale of Two Gary Stus

Everything Else Week 8

Naturally, I’m just dying to discuss last week’s wonderful anime. But first, we must discuss our least favorite male leads of the season. Continue reading


Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 7: Have we crossed the halfway point yet?

Everything Else Week 7

Like always, let’s discuss the results of last week’s poll before I get to this week’s rankings… Continue reading

Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 4: All dolled up

Everything Else Week 4

This week, I add tier names to my rankings. Continue reading

Everything Else, Summer ’14, Week 3: Some shows are already beginning to choke…

Everything Else Week 3

Yay, it’s time again to rank all the shows I’ve watched in the past week. Continue reading