Samurai Flamenco Finale: Letting go

flamenco 2203

How very meta: Continue reading “Samurai Flamenco Finale: Letting go”


Samurai Flamenco Ep. 21: What love’s got to do with it

flamenco 2101

Well, I guess I was wrong: Haiji isn’t completely imaginary. Continue reading “Samurai Flamenco Ep. 21: What love’s got to do with it”


Samurai Flamenco Ep. 20: Personal demons

flamenco 2001

At the end of the episode, Masayoshi contemplates, “I’m the only one who’s met Haiji-kun, who’s talked to Haiji-kun, who even knows that Haiji-kun exists. In that case, maybe he’s an illusion I unconsciously created, once peace was brought to this world. In that case, the true source of evil Samurai Flamenco must defeat… Is really me?” Continue reading “Samurai Flamenco Ep. 20: Personal demons”


Samurai Flamenco Ep. 19: Melodrama

flamenco 1902

Peace and love everywhere? I thought we were returning to normalcy! Continue reading “Samurai Flamenco Ep. 19: Melodrama”


Samurai Flamenco Ep. 18: The correct pronounciation is Flamwenco

samurai flamenco 1801

This is pretty much “Masayoshi Grows Up, the Episode.” That’s basically it. Continue reading “Samurai Flamenco Ep. 18: The correct pronounciation is Flamwenco”