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UN-GO: The limits of existentialism in the 21st century

Before Yuuko ended her own life, she explained, “People have many sides to their heart. They’re all truths. You will not decide mine!” Yuuko did not want Inga to peer into her soul — the implication here being that Yuuko wants to affirm her own truth. Continue reading

Un-Go Ep. 2: Impressively noir

Here’s a passage from the Wikipedia entry on ‘film noir:’

Film noir is often described as essentially pessimistic. The noir stories that are regarded as most characteristic tell of people trapped in unwanted situations (which, in general, they did not cause but are responsible for exacerbating), striving against random, uncaring fate, and frequently doomed. The films are seen as depicting a world that is inherently corrupt.

In other words, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.” Continue reading