Spring Cleaning

There are anime I enjoy. There are anime that aren’t great but watchable. Finally, there are anime so bad that I can’t even last through an entire episode. There’s only a few weeks left of spring so we’re going to pull out the weeds today.

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What is it with women and second place?

I pondered this question during Misaki’s mini-speech to Usui on the rooftop of the school in the first episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. Here’s how it goes:

You were always running ahead of me with ease, even though I’m frantically running with all my breath. And then run facing backwards while calling out to me. I really hate losing, and it was so vexing losing to you that it pisses me off. But this time you were running forward and helped me out. Just you wait. I’ll definitely overtake you and it’ll be my turn to worry about you.

She’s in second place apparently. In fact, she relegates herself to the lower position when nothing in the first episode at all suggested that Usui was superior to her other than looking indifferently cool (probably because he avoids wearing the nasty combination of a lime-green blazer and yellow pants/skirt). But why? First, a little context.

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Wednesday Night Bullet Points

Where I try to watch an episode each of four or five anime at a time until I get caught up with all the shows I’ve been missing. I’m going into these as blind as possible to avoid any preconceptions.

B Gata H Kei 01

– Her vagina looks weird. So she wants a hundred fuckbuddies. I gotta be missing something. What does fucking 100 guys have to do with changing how your vagina looks other than just getting a ton of venereal diseases?

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