Duality of Male Viewership in Anime

When you watch enough anime, the main characters’ voices all tend to blend together. They’re not always voiced by the same actor, but they might as well be. Most of the time, they all look and act the same. They usually always have black hair, not too neat but not too wild. They’re not especially bright, usually don’t even do all that well in school, but gosh darn don’t they work hard.


To be quite frank, these “heroes” of anime are quite ordinary and it’s obvious why: it’s all a lie. These pathetic males represent a part of male anime fans, but not the dominant part. Only the deceptive part, and thus they must be weak and pathetic not just so they can deceive (and I’ll get into who they’re trying to deceive), but also so they do not and could not threaten and usurp the alpha male in us that it is separated from.

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