Kannagi Sucks


What kind of show could drive nerds to tear apart their comic books with rage? Kannagi is poorly put together, but also deeper than it appears at first glance, and much, much more insiduously evil.

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Japanese Youth Discontent and the Hikikomori Phenomenon

We often watch anime without a deep consideration of the culture that it comes from. One such example is the problem of hikikomori. Its representation through anime is often misunderstood and full of misinformation. It is not uncommon for such a deep social issue to be played off with jokes about the sad nerds and their shameful lives. I ask you, however, how well do you know the hikikomori? Do you really understand the implications of hikikomori on not just Japanese society but the world as a whole? While Welcome to the N.H.K. might have garnered some our sympathies, I would imagine few truly realize what they are laughing at. Take a second and peep through the looking glass–you might be surprised.


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