Spring Anime, Premiere Episode Impressions: Part 1

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Life happened and the winter season wasn’t exactly captivating anyway (gonna finish Level-E but that’s about it). While this doesn’t mean that the spring season of anime will blow me away, but hey, the slate will be wiped clean and we can have a fresh start. With so many anime on the schedule, there’s gotta be a few diamonds in the rough, right?

Since I’ve only got one episode of each show to watch, there’s really not much to go on for a substantial post. I’ll just give some quick impressions. Let’s run through a few of them right now in no real order.

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No histrionics necessary

So I won’t add anything extra to this post nor open it up for comments. If you were thinking about donating to charity organizations to help Japan in its crisis, but still haven’t gotten around to it for some reason, here are some links from a forum I loosely follow:

Those looking to donate via SMS can donate $10 by texting:

REDCROSS to 90999 (American Red Cross)
JAPAN to 50555 (GlobalGiving)
JAPAN to 20222 (Save the Children)
MED to 80888 (International Medical Corps)

You can also just click the links if you want to donate a different amount.