Fall 2012 Anime Preview: A whole bunch of sequels and more

Wow, does the fall season have a lot of anime series or what? Of course, a good portion of these shows are for little kids, but even when you take them into consideration, there’s a crazy amount of content just around the corner. It almost makes me wish summer was over and done with already (I am getting pretty tired of it).

In any case, this is hardly an exhaustive list (if you need one, take a look at this). And as always, I do these preview posts mostly for fun. At most, I’m basing my comments and impressions off of a PV and two or three sentence of info. As a result, don’t get too bent out of shape if I happen to bash your favorite anime. It’s not as though I’m trying to make accurate predictions about the upcoming shows. There is, however a bit of a conceit though: since most anime are terrible anyway, just sandbag them all now and be pleasantly surprise later when a few gems show up.

* * * * *

The “Ain’t no way I’m watching that kiddie shit” tier

Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes
Studio: Sunrise
PV: Who cares?
Synopsis:: Some kid’s great adventure begins in Genericland the mysterious world of Legendia.

Nyoron’s take: Wow, this is like every shounen ever.

Fin’s take: Snore. Title makes me think of this and giggle though.

* * * * *

Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Who cares?
Synopsis:: Big transparent attempt to sell toys.

Nyoron’s take: Man, how does a six year old drive a sports car legally?

* * * * *

Studio: LARX Entertainment
PV: Here
Synopsis: “…DNA finds its way into the unsuspecting hands of… boys.”

My take: Besides snickering over the synopsis, I’ve got nothing.

* * * * *

Haitai Nanafa
Studio: Passhone
PV: Couldn’t find one.
Synopsis: A girl and her sisters can sense the supernatural. A bunch of spirits start showing up and their small-town life changes… forever!

My take: I debated whether or not to put this anime in this tier or the “The ‘Anime show full of cute girls doing cute horribly boring and inane things that Fin will nevertheless watch anyway because she sucks’ tier.” In the end, the fact that I couldn’t find a PV for this show made the decision for me.

Nyoron’s take: Shinto is so cool; everything has spirits! Not only that, but statues can apparently be reincarnated.

* * * * *

Cross Fight B-Daman eS
Studio: SynergySP
PV: Here
Synopsis: An anime based off of a marble-shooting toy. Yep.

My take: That PV is kind of funny in a pathetic sort of way. I mean, c’mon, kids deserve something decent to watch too. Does every show need a product tie-in?

* * * * *

The “Not gonna waste my time with shorts” tier

Wooser no Sono Higurashi
PV: Couldn’t find one.
Synopsis: Cute but evil animal who seems to be into the same thing as any red-blooded male.

Nyoron’s take: Anime, what are you doing? Anime, STAHP!

Fin’s take: I liked supercell before they were cool, but I don’t like them now that they’re not anymore. It does sound kinda funny though.

* * * * *

The “I’ll just be frank; this looks like shit” tier

Busou Shinki
Studio: 8bit
PV: I’ve already embedded it above because I couldn’t find a suitable picture.
Synopsis: Fighting robots that creepily look like underage girls. Oh yeah, they also refer to their owners as “Masters.” Ain’t that something.

My take: First off, I read “A battle story set in a future that has neither World War III nor an alien invasion — just an ordinary future set after our current age.” It’s not like I love WW3 or alien invasion scenarios or anything, but oooh, an ordinary future. Way to sell me on the anime. Secondly, just no. Seriously, just no.

Nyoron’s take: I think most people would lose some self-respect just by watching this anime.

* * * * *

Studio: Kinema Citrus
PV: Here
Synopsis: Looks like a reverse harem (I might be mistaken on this part) where yet another girl tries to get through to another taciturn badass.

My take: I don’t even know what the other guys in the show are for. We all know who the heroine wants to hook up with. This was also one of those shows that I had trouble placing. The art and the PV full of bishounens make me think that this is another crappy shoujo, but Wikipedia has it categorized under shounen. Well, not that Wikipedia is 100% reliable or anything, but in the end, I felt that this looked too shitty to belong in any other tier but this one.

* * * * *

Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here
Synopsis: Loosely based off of 1000 Arabian Nights or something.

My take: I wasn’t going to put this here until the little boy showed up in the PV. Whenever anime tries to portray a foreign culture, there’s always potential for hilarity and not the good kind. But with the kid being the protagonist, I doubt I’ll even bother to watch a single episode.

* * * * *

Ixion Saga DT
Studio: Brains Base
PV: Here
Synopsis: Guy goes to an alternate world and saves a princess.

My take: Premise is bland, and the art direction is ugly as fuck. Pass.

* * * * *

Studio: Sunrise
PV: Jump to about a minute into this video.
Synopsis: Some creepy shit about producing idols.

My take: It looks like the idols-in-training will randomly turn 3-D from time to time. Hello uncanny valley! Am I going to watch this? Hah, what do you think?

* * * * *

The “Anime show full of cute girls doing cute horribly boring and inane things that Fin will nevertheless watch because she sucks” tier

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb
Studio: SHAFT
PV: Here
Synopsis: I don’t know and I don’t care.

My take: See the tier title above.

Nyoron’s take: Fin might like this. Because she’s Fin.


For reals though, Hidamari has spent three seasons being a show that’s kinda cute, kinda funny, and not eye-bleedingly ugly. What other 4-girl comedy can claim that? I’m hoping the addition of extra characters doesn’t throw off the winning formula, and that the show goes easy on the romantic intimations. The innocence is part of the appeal for me.

My take part deux: You make me sick.

* * * * *

Studio: MAPPA
PV: Couldn’t find one.
Synopsis: Bunch of girls are in a tennis club…

My take: …but they probably just talk all day instead of actually playing any tennis.

Fin’s take: What clubs are left for the K-On! imitators to plunder? Chess club? Debate team?

My take part deux: I like how Fin pretends that this show doesn’t interest her, but the fact that she even offered a take on it just about says it all.

* * * * *

Girls und Panzer
Studio: Actas
PV: Here
Synopsis: Cute girls drive tanks.

My take: If you’re not going to stick cute girls in a club, the next best thing is apparently the military. Yawn.

* * * * *

The “It’s a sequel of something I probably didn’t watch” tier

Studio: White Fox
PV: Here
Synopsis: A lady thinks she can achieve world peace by being an arms dealer. So maybe kind of like that Nicholas Cage movie.

My take: I only watched a single episode of the first season, and it didn’t exactly set my world on fire. I’ll probably peep an episode or two of this as well, but I doubt the show will suddenly catch on with the crew here at Moe Sucks.

Nyoron’s take: Newp.

* * * * *

Hayate no Gotoku!: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
Studio: Manglobe
PV: Here
Synopsis: I haven’t a damn clue since I never saw the original. Lemme make a few guesses anyway… there’s probably a bossy tsunderekko and a loser guy hanging onto her every word.

My take: You know a show isn’t off to a great start when you read “this series will feature a new story written in part by the original creator Kenjiro Hata and is based on his original ideas that never made it to the manga.” If this shit wasn’t good enough to make it on the first go-around, why on earth would it be any different now? Plus, Manglobe.

Nyoron’s take: I dunno, might be nice if you did take your eyes off of me.

* * * * *

To Love-Ru Darkness
Studio: XEBEC
PV: Here
Synopsis: A bunch of girls, some from Planet Deviluke (yep, that’s right), fight over some generic harem loser.

My take: I guess this could be a Harem Hill candidate, but the problem is that I haven’t seen any To Love-Ru series. What do you guys think? Should I watch this for Harem Hill? Will I be missing out because I haven’t seen part one and two?

* * * * *

Bakuman 3
Studio: J.C. Staff
PV: Couldn’t find one.
Synopsis: At this point, we pretty much know what Bakuman is all about.

My take: And you couldn’t pay me to watch this shit.

Nyoron’s take: Why isn’t this anime dead yet?

* * * * *

Studio: Actas
PV: Here
Synopsis: At first glance, a story about the student council trying to make the world a better place, but…

My take: …apparently, it’s not quite that simple. Certainly, the PV seems to imply that there’s a lot more to the story, but all I remember is the horrible first episode from the first season. And like always, if I have to go back and watch the first season in order to enjoy the sequel, I won’t bother.

* * * * *

Seitokai no Ichizon 2
Studio: AIC
PV: Here
Synopsis: Cute girls on the student council… plus a guy.

My take: A comment on Youtube regarding this anime: “NOOOOOOO they changed the color of mafuyu’s hair!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the humanity T_T”

* * * * *

The “I’m a massive KyoAni hater” tier

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Studio: Kyoto Animation
PV: Here
Synopsis: Kid used to think he was a hero, but he squashed that little snafu with some good ol’ studying. Unfortunately, he meets a similar weirdo in high school. What’s going to happen next?

My take: Shrug, the PV looks dumb. Look, I never promised to be rational about any of these shows, and secondly, the title of this tier pretty much says it all.

Nyoron’s take: Like the last word of the title, it will probably be “shitai!”

Fin’s take: This actually sounds like it could be really funny. I mean, the premise is about how thinking you have superpowers and are saving the world is a mental disease. It’s like a free license to make fun of half of all anime ever produced. That said, if it turns out to be dumb romcom #148, then ugh, I’ll be doubly mad because of the wasted potential.

* * * * *

The “It’s a shoujo anime and not the good kind” tier

Kamisama Kiss
Studio: TMS Entertainment
PV: Here
Synopsis: Fruits Basket… but not.

My take: I’m sure someone will want to jump down my throat for that Fruits Basket comparison, but hey, all I’ve got is a 30-second PV and a tiny blurb from an anime chart to work with. Y’know, homeless girl finds her place at a shrine with a seemingly anthropomorphic dude. And if the PV is anything to judge the anime by, the main love interest looks like an arrogant fuck and the heroine loves to make wacky faces at the camera… so… it sounds just like every other shoujo out there.

Nyoron’s take: What’s up with anime and irresponsible parents? Also, am I the only person around here who is tired of people becoming gods?!

Fin’s take: Oh, how embarrassing. I read this manga from time to time and I don’t know why. It’s pretty silly even for a reverse harem. The redeeming quality is that the heroine is a genuine go-getter, and not every story is about her getting saved by the romantic interest. My prognosis is: boring but inoffensive. Watch if you grew up drooling over Inuyasha (this series owes a lot to Takahashi…).

* * * * *

Sukitte Ii na yo.
Studio: ZEXCS
PV: Here
Synopsis: Girl just has to bump into a guy and he falls in love with her.

My take: Y’know, the premise sounds really similar to Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun, which you’ll find a little later in this post, but while that show looks like it might have some promise, this anime looks to be another slice-of-life yawner.


Fin’s take: More broken girls being fixed by kisses from princes. Boo! Hiss! If I learned anything form Toradora!, it’s that you can’t build a good show on a foundation of boys fixing girls. It will always be creepy and lopsided in its portrayal of the characters, and you’ll feel dirty for enjoying the good parts because they are tainted by the creep. Best case scenario is the show is really good, and you hate yourself for liking it, because it’s a shallow and lame portrayal of gender relations.

* * * * *

Hiiro no Kakera S2
Studio: Studio Deen
PV: Here
Synopsis: Girl has to seal a mystical sword or something, so she has a reverse harem of five bishies to protect her.

My take: This is only included on this list for completion’s sake.

* * * * *

The “Harem Hill” tier

Onii-chan Dakeko Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne—
PV: Here
Synopsis: Well, what do you fucking think?

My take: Harem Hill candidate numero uno… why must every incest-themed anime have such unwieldy titles?

Nyoron’s take: Another imouto anime?! I’m so excite.

* * * * *

Little Busters!
Studio: J.C. Staff
PV: Here
Synopsis: An orphan makes friends and enjoys his school life. It’s like they’re not even trying.

My take: Harem Hill candidate numero dos. Unfortunately, it’s based off of a visual novel by Key, and it’s also being adapted by J.C. Staff. In other words, boring squared.

Nyoron’s take: As I stated before, I would hate to be an anime parent.

* * * * *

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Studio: J.C. Staff
PV: Here
Synopsis: A guy moves into an apartment complex full of hot girls. Also, one of them is socially awkward and totally needs him to watch over her. Ergo, she is his pet– wait, what?

My take: And here’s Harem Hill candidate numero tres. Take a look at the synopsis on the chart: “Sorata is asked to take care of one of his classmates, Shiina Mashiro. Although she is a brilliant, world-class painter, she is extremely clumsy and lacking in common sense.” Up until this point, you’ve probably just groaned because hey, yet another romance where the girl is mentally diminutive. As if that wasn’t offensive enough, however, the rest of the synopsis reads, “And thus begins the story of the master and his pet.” Oh. Oh! I had no idea! I love the little punch of misogyny at the end as if to reassure you if you’ve somehow forgotten that this is going to be yet another deplorable piece of shit harem anime.

* * * * *

The “It looked cool until…” tier

Litchi DE Hikari Club
Studio: Kachidaki Studio
PV: I can’t find a PV for the anime, but here’s a live action one?
Synopsis: Something strange about a twisted club full of boys trying to construct the ultimate AI.

My take: The little blurb on the anime chart sure does make the anime sound intriguing, but when I went to look for the PV on Youtube, I came across… well, don’t make me describe it. I linked it above, so you guys can see for yourself. Yeah, I’m not exactly sure what to say about this show or the studio behind it. Maybe we’ve got something subversive on our hands, but then again, it could just be a whole bunch of fodder for horrible fanfiction writers. Some of you guys might think I’m biased against yaoi, but that’s hardly the case at all. I just hate anything when it becomes exploitative. When consent goes out the window, I begin to lose my patience.

Nyoron’s take: I was almost excited for this but I misread Zera as Zora, and I thought the Jigsaw would make an appearance here.

Fin’s take: This looks really cool. Remember all those crazy bits of art Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei would toss out? Imagine if they had a show of their own. I haven’t read it, so maybe the story is insipid, but at a minimum, the anime should be pretty to look at.

* * * * *

The “Wild card because I literally know nothing about it” tier

Studio: GoHands
PV: Here
Synopsis:Dunno. There’s really no information out there.

My take: A cursory search on Google didn’t really reveal much of anything except some PVs. It’s by GoHands, but you can never really predict whether or not an anime will be any good by the studio alone (though you can often predict which shows will suck by just the studio alone). These guys have done Seitokai Yakuindomo, which I remember to be okay… but they’ve also done the Mardock Scramble movies and some readers will know how I feel about that. Anyway, the PV I linked looks alright. Because we can see a bunch of youths fighting in an urban setting, I instantly think of Durarara!!, but don’t hold me to that; it’s merely the first thing that popped into my head. Nevertheless, my biggest qualm right now with K is that the cast looks kind of large, which was a similar complaint I had with Durarara!! regardless of whether or not the two shows can be compared in any other way.

Nyoron’s take: ‘K, I’m going to go.

* * * * *

The “It’s got potential, but I sure as hell don’t trust that studio” tier

Shin Sekai Yori
Studio: A-1 Pictures
PV: Here
Synopsis: Hard to say. Something about a bunch of kids in a futuristic world. Rest assured, this is anime so they will most likely have super powers. Second, it’s the future so the world is obviously fucked!… unless our heroes do something about it.

My take: Y’know, the image above gives off the impression that it could be a solid anime. The PV establishes an okay atmosphere too. Hey, the show’s even based off of a novel though this might not amount to much in the end. Finally, the premise doesn’t trigger any red flags in my mind. So what’s my hesitation? A-1 Pictures, man. I haven’t liked a single thing they’ve done (keep in mind, however, that I haven’t finished Tsuritama). It’s not just that Sword Art Online is blowing major chunks. Remember Ano Hana? Remember how well it started and how quickly it dive bombed by the end of the season? Yeah. I’m digging for anything to give me optimism that the show might turn out decent, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much to judge the director by.

Nyoron’s take: Yori sounds like cooking in Korean. Man, I’m hungry. Is this show about cooking? No. Oh no, it’s from a novel. INCOMING PEOPLE TELLING ME TO READ THE NOVEL. NO YOU READ THE NOVEL.

Fin’s take: I’d give this one a shot, but it’s always disappointing when adventure/sci-fi stories feel the need to frame things with a school setting. Didn’t they watch No. 6? It’s not all about sailor seifukus!

* * * * *

The “I ain’t saying it’s going to suck, but that premise ain’t exactly setting the world on fire” tier

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun
Studio: Brains Base
PV: Here
Synopsis: An unlikely romance develops between some guy and a cold-hearted girl.

My take: The blurb on the chart claims that this anime will deliver “a fresh new perspective” on the genre, but c’mon, it’s another story about a high school romance. To be fair, the PV makes it seem as though the anime might be pretty fun to watch… despite the fact that the rapidly changing settings remind me a whole lot of Ringo from Mawaru Penguindrum (also another Brains Base production). Maybe that’s where the “fresh new perspective” comes from.

Nevertheless, the trickiest thing to nail down in any romance — anime or otherwise — is the chemistry between the two main love interests. We might be treading on some well-worn territory, but great chemistry will save almost any story. Still — and this is neither a pro nor a con — even if the anime proves to be entertaining, I doubt there will be much I could write about. In other words, the chances that I’ll watch the anime might be better than expected, but it’s not likely I’ll blog the show.

Nyoron’s take: OH MAN LET ME TELL YOU HOW THIS HEROINE ONLY CARES ABOUT HER OWN GRADES. SHE’S SO COLD-HEARTED. She ain’t got shit in Asian high schools. I could tell you some war stories…

Fin’s take: Silly girl, worried about her academic success. Doesn’t she know that what she really needs is a man? Premise doesn’t entice. On the other hand, the PV actually looks funny. If it’s just a tsukkomi-boke act, then it could be cool.

* * * * *

Studio: Madhouse
PV: Here
Synopsis: Another anime about a dude stuck in a video game.

My take: Y’know, I used to be fan of Madhouse, and it’s not like they’ve gone the way of Manglobe just yet. I’m just wary of the whole “stuck in a video game” schtick because we’ve been seeing a whole lot of that lately. Can BTOOOM! succeed where Sword Art Online and Accel World failed? Possibly, and the PV does make the anime seem a whole lot cooler than its predecessors. So yeah, the premise doesn’t win me over, but the anime seems interesting enough to follow from week to week unless Madhouse totally drops the ball.

Nyoron’s take: Nice title, but you can’t trick me, anime. You just can’t.

Fin’s take: Impressively stupid title. I’m cautious to dismiss it entirely because I was caught off guard by how interesting Sword Art Online ended up being, but on the other hand, BTOOOM!

* * * * *

Studio: Production I.G
PV: Here
Synopsis: Something involving a robot research club at a high school… and of course, a conspiracy involving the fate of the world, ’cause that’s just how anime rolls.

My take: The synopsis on the anime chart is all over the place. The PV also looks to be all over the place. For me, this show probably straddles the line between both this tier and the “Wild card” tier.

* * * * *

The “I’ll probably start out liking it, but the ending will disappoint me terribly” tier

Zetsuen no Tempest
Studio: BONES
PV: Here
Synopsis: A friend’s disappearance pulls Yoshino into a major crisis that may involve the entire world.

My take: The synopsis doesn’t give me a whole lot to work with, but the PV seems interesting and I tend to like anime from BONES. The director probably did the only good episode in Hanasaku Iroha, but that doesn’t say much either. Biggest thing going against the anime right now is that Okada Mari is in charge of the script. I haven’t liked a single thing she’s done thus far so… we’ll see.

Nyoron’s take: My friend is so mysterious! You know why? Because I’ve never really spoken with him before.

* * * * *

Studio: Production I.G
PV: I couldn’t really find a good PV so this will have to do.
Synopsis: Crime-fighting in a world where you can “measure and quantify a person’s state of mind and personality.”

My take: This has the potential to open up a can of worms about the ethics of such a method of crime-fighting. Basically, I’m interested.

Fin’s take: Could be interesting, a kind of anime Minority Report, I guess. Worth a shot.

* * * * *

So what’s everyone going to be watching? The KyoAni show, huh? You don’t have to lie.


63 Replies to “Fall 2012 Anime Preview: A whole bunch of sequels and more”

  1. This is an incredibly helpful list. :D And it made me giggle.

    I’m looking forward to RoboticNotes, Sukitte ii na yo, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. :) Might give a go to a couple of episodes of BTOOM, Kamisama Kiss, and Shin Sekai Yori.

  2. Actually, I advise you just screw the First Season, and only watch Episode 9 to 12, for Medaka Box. The rest are the weakest materials in the Entire Series, and deserve to be OVA material. Gainax inexplicably sacrificed the first three quarters of the season to the worst writing Nisio ever wrote.

    In fact, just watch the Second Season. You aren’t missing out anything with the First Season, and the Second Season really is the real start of the actual plot in Medaka Box.

    Medaka Box is a satiric mockery and commentary of the Shounen Genre in general, and it really only begins with the Second Season.

    1. Eh, I just can’t do that. It’s not in my nature to skip eight episodes. I might just watch the sequel anyway without going back to the first season though, assuming it can sufficiently get me into the plot despite my lack of knowledge of the show.

        1. Weekly Shounen Jump.

          You aren’t missing much with the first season – it’s rubbish (even in the manga) till the last few episodes. It’s the Second Season where the plot really starts, and is a fairer demonstration of Medaka Box premise.

  3. First of all, yes, I’m watching the KyoAni show. Now that that’s settled…

    As someone who read (and hated) the To-Love-Ru series, no you don’t need to see the other two. Golden Darkness is a sequel series made after the original was cancelled and will most likely reintroduce the characters to you. Plus…well…it’s fucking To-Love-Ru. Every episode/chapter is the goddamn same thing.

    Little Busters, I wouldn’t put in the harem hill category. Not only is it going to be a sure loser being Key and all, I played (well, read) the game and lets just say it has an unusually large amount of focus on its male characters, amongst other things.

    Also, you’re not into exploitation, huh? I don’t know how the anime will go, but judging from the manga, Litchi is fucked up.

    1. I figured as much after the eyeball-licking images post-music video.
      Interesting insinuation with Little Busters, there, mate. Does the game take looong creepy leers at it’s male cast or something? Haha

      1. Well, you know how Steins Gate is mostly about Okabe and his science team with the rest of the girls being tacked on because it couldn’t fully escape its VN roots? Well, the males and the main female are that science team. The rest of the girls are…the rest of the girls.

    2. Little Busters, I wouldn’t put in the harem hill category.

      Well, I didn’t want to include it either when I read the description, but the Wiki says it’s a harem, the artwork makes it seem like a harem, and otherwise, I’d only have two shows to cover for Harem Hill.

      Also, you’re not into exploitation, huh?

      Basically, I’m not into blackface, and the yaoi stories that actually get adapted often feels like blackface but for gay men in cartoons.

      1. Litchi isn’t yaoi at all, the main “romance” is between a girl and a robot. Sure they throw a bone but it’s not exploitative at all.There is a lot of guro but its more of a parody of the genre.

  4. Litchi DE Hikari Club looks like some death metal teenager’s interpretation of “Frankenstein”, only instead of a mad doctor we have a bunch of kids with signature personalities (he’s the flowery one, he’s the innocent one, he’s the batshit crazy one, etc.) and themes of homosexuality as told by Jeffrey Dahmer. I mean, that stupid music vid aside, at the end it showed snips of the characters (maybe from a manga?) LICKING EACH OTHER’S EYEBALLS!! The FUCK is wrong with you little creeps?!
    -However, unless it becomes as offensive as most yaoi (same opinion as E Minor when it comes to consent), Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo would still be creepier than eyeball-licking goth Franken-dorks. Why beat around the bush, anime? Just say, “D-bag takes care of an innocent girl afflicted with a chromosomal condition that makes her slower than others (hence the nigh complete stoicism) and he treats her like a pet cat!”. Also nice to see they HAD to include the bust size for all of the female characters in their introductions. …Man, this is going to be rancid…
    -E Minor, if you can stomach watching this for the sake of the blog, I’d really enjoy seeing you tear into this anime, mate. Seriously.
    Also, I doubt doing this new To Love-Ru will be a problem if you don’t know the previous. Unless it’s a direct continuation, there should be no reason a new series should leave newcomers in the dark.

    Overall this was a pretty fun post, guys. Though I wonder if Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb’s third episode of the season will feature someone’s head getting bitten off by a cartoonish abomination. Can’t say I’d watch it, otherwise.

    1. E Minor, if you can stomach watching this for the sake of the blog, I’d really enjoy seeing you tear into this anime, mate. Seriously.

      Well, y’know, 80% of the readers voted to keep Harem Hill going.

  5. Jojo, Psychopass, Shin Sekai, Jormungand and maybe Magi, I guess. I’m noticing a big increase in anime aimed at the female demographic. But it also seems that noitamina has finally given up on josei…

    1. But it also seems that noitamina has finally given up on josei…

      Has it? Aren’t we watching a josei series right now? Skipping fall doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

  6. Ones I know about: assuming it’s a straight adaption of the manga Zetsuen should be fine but probably won’t be that great. Whatever it brings to the table with the cool mindgames that go on it takes away again by giving the leads some, ahem, implausibly huge mental blindspots. Btoom is basically straight-up action, and I wouldn’t expect much from it unless it deviates from the source material in ways that seem very unlikely.

    Of the rest: the wildcards like K, Shin Sekai Yori, and Psycho-Pass are potentially interesting, but only because I don’t know much about them. Not trying to be down on the season but, well, that’s what I’ve got.

    1. Zetsuen should be fine but probably won’t be that great.

      Hence the tier I placed it in. Other than UN-GO, none of Bones’ recent series have ended well, but then again, other than E7:AO, they’ve always been interesting enough to watch all the way to the end, so I’m eager to see how this show turns out.

  7. ill be watching jojo’s, gintama and hayate, and ill probably cheack out the shows with pretty boys in them. The trailer for Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun does look realy fun though, are they supposed to be parodies of anime characters? the scarred nurse reminds me of black jack, and the historical japanese scene reminds me of gintama characteres.

    1. The trailer for Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun does look realy fun though, are they supposed to be parodies of anime characters?

      Well, it’s going to be “a fresh new perspective,” so there’s that.

  8. *polite cough* One of the early panels in The Monster Next Door is the would-be love interest threatening to rape the female lead. Charming.

    The only intriguing thing about Zetsuen no Tempest is that it allegedly takes some of its inspiration from The Tempest.

    I wanna say that Haitai Nanafa has something creepy about it, but I don’t recall what. I know there was some reason I dumped it off of my to-watch list.

    1. So you bug me about updating Harem Hill and this is the first comment you make?!

      *polite cough* One of the early panels in The Monster Next Door is the would-be love interest threatening to rape the female lead. Charming.

      Shrug, I don’t read manga so I’ll just wait and see how it plays out in the adaptation.

      The only intriguing thing about Zetsuen no Tempest is that it allegedly takes some of its inspiration from The Tempest.

      That’s not a bad start.

      I wanna say that Haitai Nanafa has something creepy about it,

      Too bad I won’t be finding out.

        1. Mentioning that the male lead threatens the rape the female lead in Monster-kun does seem relevant, though, as it gives you an idea of how stunningly progressive a story it is. I can only hope they drop that particular moment from the anime, though.

          1. The father in Usagi Drop also ended up marrying his own daughter in the manga. Thankfully, the anime didn’t touch the topic, and so I thought it was a decent adaptation. All in all, I think adaptations are allowed a degree of artistic freedom to diverge from the source material. Unfortunately, anime adaptations often don’t, but I still try to treat every show as a standalone product separate from where it originates.

  9. Just watched the PV of SnPnK and oh man, that is vile. Not in the fun way either. I mean the Kodomo No Jikan way – the “I can’t get through the PV without wanting to murder everyone who thought this was even vaguely okay” kind of way.

    On the other hand, Onii-chan Yadda Yadda looks like it’ll be a good pick for this season’s Shitty Anime Nights. Dumb, pandering, cliche-tastic, and most importantly, doesn’t feature mental disability being played as “MOE MOE PET GIRL DESU”.

      1. I know right? Frickin’ Japan.

        I’ve got a bit of a theory about SnuhPunk and its kin – I think that otaku-types must find female competence totally threatening. So the ‘dream girl’ becomes someone who can’t take care of herself, do her job properly, or get through the day without at least one major emotional breakdown. And compared to that girl, even the biggest loser feels like some kind of hyper-competent knight in shining armor, who could easily save the day and wipe away his girl’s tears with a single brush of his manly hands.
        The ‘problem’, thus, with girls that can wipe their own asses is that
        a) they don’t need saving
        and b) God forbid, they might be even more competent and accomplished than the target audience. Which would be a disaster, because the last thing the producers want is for their audience of basement-dwelling dweebs to start feeling like maybe they’re not doing anything with their lives.

        (I think too much moe has made me cynical. Whatever.)

        1. Unfortunately, your theory is more like reality, and it isn’t just limited to Japan or its anime culture. All across the world, smart girls seemingly have to play dumb to get guys. Here’s a recent article on just exactly this phenomenon. When it comes to anime, its fans will always insist that a girl like the heroine in Sakurasou is just moe and cute, and the underlying reasons for this go no deeper. If you even dare to suggest why a socially awkward girl is moe, they’ll accuse you of projection and all that nonsense.

  10. Yeah, probably going to watch the Kyo Ani thing despite the character design.

    Definitely watching Shin Sekai Yori, Zetsuen no Tempest, and maybe possibly Psycho Pass. K looks like fujoshi bait with all the bishie-on-bishie action in the PV’s, though I’m still going to see what all the fuss is about by following it. Either way, between surfing aniblogs and what my on-campus anime club are interesting in following, I’m going to have opinions on, like, everything the fall season has to offer.

    1. As usual, I’ll probably watch close to twenty shows at the start of the season, then go on hiatus halfway through. It’s like tradition at this point for Moe Sucks.

  11. Got a good chuckle out of the tier titles. Kind of interested in Robotics;Notes since it’s by the same guys that did Steins;Gate, as if the semicolon didn’t make it obvious. That gives me some hope for it. Pity the setting seems infinitely inferior to Steins;Gate’s.

    Lots of series that are gonna be hard to call, just hoping some of them end up surprising me. As you said, just sandbag them all now and be pleasantly surprised later when a few gems show up.

    1. Pity the setting seems infinitely inferior to Steins;Gate’s.

      Oh, I don’t know about that. I always felt Steins;Gate‘s setting was kinda dull. The drab, washed out metropolitan city didn’t impress me much.

        1. more meant University students vs high school students in a club

          And yet the former still reverted into a pseudo-harem. But then again, I never was too high on Steins;Gate.

        2. Don’t get me wrong, I have read all your posts on Steins;Gate, and I pretty well agree with the flaws you identified (though I don’t think the start was as slow as you seemed to find it), and I certainly agree that the regression into a pseudo-harem situation was disappointing, and I do think the show was generally over-rated (though I certainly enjoyed it).

          I still think Okabe is a big cut above the rest when it comes to protagonists, and judging by your final comments of the series you agree that he carried it well. I just don’t see a character like Okabe working as a high school student, to be honest, so I think the new setting is a limitation by comparison.

          Not saying I think the people who did Steins;Gate are some kind of genius staff who are sure to produce a masterpiece, just saying they’ve shown enough competence to give me some hope for Robotics;Notes, but that this hope is dampened by the age of the protagonists.

          1. I’m mostly sandbagging Steins;Gate in reaction to your “infinitely inferior” comment. I agree that Robotic;Notes probably won’t be as good as Steins;Gate, but y’know, I just can’t resist knocking the latter down a peg whenever the opportunity arises.

        3. Haha, fair enough. I can certainly understand hype aversion, or whatever the post-viewing equivalent is. I make it my duty to bring down the people who sing praises on Kokoro Connect and SAO despite thinking the former is ok and not really giving a shit about the latter.

          And yes, “infinitely inferior” is more than a bit of an exaggeration, but it roughly approximates my complete saturation with high school protagonists.

  12. If history is any guide, I’ll probably end up looking back on this season as cynically as you are looking towards it. I mean, I did only finish watching four shows this season, and none of them I could recommend beyond their niche appeal. But in the meantime, I remain hopeful. So I’ll see you on the other side…

    1. It’s not too bad… for me, anyway, because I sometimes relish watching bad shows as much as good shows. Case in point, I look forward to bitching about Sword Art Online every week.

  13. Litchi Hikari Club? I’m sensing LOTSA Censors due to the over-the-top-exploitative guro fest the manga was. Either that or (from their promotional image in their website) a comedic parody… of a parody.

  14. Upon further research( as in actualy watching all the PVs), Psycho-pass seems realy promising right now, with the Op song from my favourite band, and gen urobuchi in charge of script. But seeing how all the previous noitamina sci-fi shows have turned out awful dispite high expectations, im pretty skeptical about this.

    1. But seeing how all the previous noitamina sci-fi shows have turned out awful dispite high expectations, im pretty skeptical about this.

      I liked UN-GO. I liked Guilty Crown too! But let’s not open that can of worms again.

  15. I’d actually wouldn’t mind watching Monsuno, Gyrozetter and Battle Spirits. I like the kind of kids shows that go for big action (Ben 10) not toilet humour (Grossology). It fills that gap between shows for when you were 5 and shows for when you are 17. But it’s a shame, cause it’s unlikely that it’ll be subbed.

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