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Day two of my painful anime excursion

Insert generic quirky anime picture here.

I gotta keep blogging, don’t I? The problem is that I need to write regularly to make it a habit. Otherwise, I’ll just become lazy and drop off the face of the planet again. And for some strange reason, I really wanna keep Moe Sucks going. I’ve no clue why either! Well, that’s not true. I kinda do. The blog reminds me of better days. I sometimes wish I could turn back the clock four or five years and do certain things over. It’s too late for that, but I can always cling to Moe Sucks. Well, that got a bit… personal. Whatever. So here’s a quick roundup of today’s shows. This is cutting into my precious Tactics Ogre time, so I won’t be too long-winded (relatively speaking). Continue reading