Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep. 1


The newest adaptation of the series by 07th Expansion (if you hadn’t guessed, the guys who brought us Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) looks to be the first show this season that we’ll watch more than two episodes of! Despite the boob-groping antics and unholy loli wailing, the show promises to have all of the complexity, horror, and mystery of Higurashi, with somewhat higher (read: still not all that great) production values. To my mind, Higurashi’s greatest weakness (besides the final arc, which was so bad that I now pretend it doesn’t exist) was that it sabotaged its own atmosphere of horror with zany ‘hauu hauu’ antics between characters who you really just wanted to start killing each other ASAP. Will Umineko fall prey to the same mistake? From the first episode, absolutely yes! But we’ll be following the series to see whether shooting itself in the foot proves fatal (but no we won’t be blogging each individual episode, that’s just silly. When we have something substantive about the series to say we’ll make another post).

5 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ep. 1

  1. Maximilian

    The fact that you also seem to miss the point of Higurashi somehow makes me glad, if nothing else.

      1. Maximilian

        Then why would you pretend that the ending doesn’t even exist?

        If you could “get” the point….that statement of yours would be rather silly.

        About the zany antics, that’s for contrast again and, just as well, it also does a few things for the characters. There’s even post in another blog, not by me, which actually goes to the trouble of explaining this for Higurashi in particular.

        Not that it matters. You didn’t get it with Higurashi, you didn’t get it with Geass, you probably won’t get it next time either.

        1. E Minor

          Then why would you pretend that the ending doesn’t even exist?

          Not speaking for Fin, but maybe because the second season was lame and boring? Because the terrible Oyashiro diety turned out to be some midget loli? It could have been anything, but it was some annoying loli going “Hauu~” over and over. Great, you liked the contrast; I didn’t. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they didn’t “get it.”

          1. Maximilian

            I didn’t care for the idea, separated from the context of the show, but that’s the thing.

            I mean, Rika herself makes an annoying loli sound, yet that didn’t take anything away from her character or the story. The point is not that the god is a loli too, which you can take or leave, but the fact that the murders have a completely different source behind them.

            Then again…I guess it matters not.


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