Regarding Bakemonogatari’s Art Direction

…and Shaft in general. I found this in the comments section of another blog.

Really… again lots of long shots, shots that don’t show details, random quick cuts, long winded discussions, “Artistic” moments… Let’s see how many eps before it becomes too painful to watch.

Either people are afraid of change or this just reflects the current anti-intellectualism in the world nowadays. I love the word artistic in quotes, implying that Shaft is either trying to be elitist or pretentious (or both). Let’s just have the same old shit stories drawn in the same old shit ways because I can’t handle all this weird cuts and stuff! String along some retarded romance subplot for fangirls and call it a day huh?

2 thoughts on “Regarding Bakemonogatari’s Art Direction

  1. triggered

    Oh man, I started watching Bakemonogatari…and I love how it’s done! The style adds a great “insight” (lack of a better word) to the story. I wanted to learn about the style, comments of the style, etc…..and I found this blog. Can I have your thoughts?

  2. Rio

    Now, if only the writers could be as artistic as the animators. It would be nice if Shaft produced shows with actual substance instead of just eye-candy like Bakemonogatari, which, at the end of the day, is just another harem dressed up in a pretty package. Next time, Shaft, try to stay away from the lolis and sexy imoutos when you’re trying to make a profound, artistic statement, ‘kay?


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