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(I’ve had this post sitting around since July. In the end, I decided that if I don’t publish it now or I’d never get around to it.)

We all know kids loved the hell out of Pokemon at the height of its popularity, but since Pokemon’s been around for a while, at some point, those same kids must be adults by now.

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Regarding Bakemonogatari’s Art Direction

…and Shaft in general. I found this in the comments section of another blog.

Really… again lots of long shots, shots that don’t show details, random quick cuts, long winded discussions, “Artistic” moments… Let’s see how many eps before it becomes too painful to watch.

Either people are afraid of change or this just reflects the current anti-intellectualism in the world nowadays. I love the word artistic in quotes, implying that Shaft is either trying to be elitist or pretentious (or both). Let’s just have the same old shit stories drawn in the same old shit ways because I can’t handle all this weird cuts and stuff! String along some retarded romance subplot for fangirls and call it a day huh?

This World is Corrupt: Rape Simulator Ban

    Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen! SA marschiert mit mutig-festem Schritt.

Due to any number of factors, possibly including a chain of events sparked by a recent hentai game called RapeLay getting a lot of attention in the foreign press, the entire world is now trapped under the oppressive heel of nationalist feminist socialism. Only a few, brave souls remain who have the courage and strength of their convictions to stand up to the forces of totalitarianism. These are their stories.

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Musings on Yaoi and Those Who Love It

I'm coocoo for yaoi puffs!

When people say, “You don’t live and breathe ‘x,’ so you can’t possibly understand it and thus can’t possibly criticize it,” I imagine that this argument somewhat applies to how I feel about yaoi. I know what it is, but I’ve never actually sat down and read a yaoi manga nor seen a yaoi anime (aside from Genshiken’s hilarious parody). So how can I really criticize yaoi, you know?

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This World is…Corrupt? “Fujoshi Moe”

Actual, unedited photograph of a real fujoshiWhile cruising WordPress for material I stumbled across the first and only non-professional articles I’ve found that apply the same level of scrutiny to anime that we here at Moe Sucks do. Am I losing my edge? Or hallucinating? Or is it just possible that someone else out there offers quality amateur anime analysis? Continue reading