Loli exhibitions over here.

“Ichigo Mashimaro wasn’t created to be a loli exhibit – some people just viewed it that way.”

Hontou ni hontou...?

Hontou ni hontou...?

Oh come on, really? You’re not giving creators of anime enough credit (discredit?)? I’m sure they are quite aware of what they’re doing. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are involved. They know what audience they’re playing to. Equally outrageous is the idea that a group of people (mostly men, I safely assume) are gonna sit down and draw an anime of nothing but prepubescent girls just for the sake of prepubescent girls. And it just so happens, unfortunately, that some people view these innocent shows for their loli-factor.

The point about tennis isn’t cogent either, because tennis, like any other money-involved industry, is and should be very keenly aware of the product its marketing. You don’t think Sharapova is played up for her looks? That’s just naivete.

3 thoughts on “Loli exhibitions over here.

  1. mewmew197

    Just searched up your site bro and hey, you make a lot of good points sometimes. K-ON is pretty much a piece of shit anime. But you know…about this post…

    Well, KyoAni, GONZO and so forth studios really do like to cater to fans with fan service, having a certain character have a lot of screen time and so forth. Yeah and sometimes people do just make a loli character just to get the views but..

    If Barasui did make lolis for the views, then what was the point of making Nobue? He could have easily turned her into a loli or just made her not exist.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Well first of all, to clarify, I’m not suggesting that all authors blatantly draw lolis just for attention (though some certainly do). Japan’s cult of cuteness does contribute a lot to anime/manga aesthetics, for better or for worse. At the same time, however, I think it’s highly implausible that Barasui is unaware of the implications of his work. Whether or not he views it as a loli exhibition, it does become one. Unless he’s incredibly dense, he was well aware of the implications and made the conscious effort to go ahead with the art direction anyway. In this regard, Barasui isn’t completely innocent, because although his main intention may not have been a loli exhibition, it no doubt played a factor in his final work. Even if he absolutely condemns the exploitation of lolis and publicly decries any such views of Ichigo Mashimaro, art isn’t a one way conversation; one can’t throw their hands up and say “It’s not my fault that you got the wrong impression!”

      Secondly, Nobue’s presence doesn’t really imply anything to the contrary. Why does Charlie exist if Charlie’s Angels’ main attraction is all about hot babes? But I would suggest Nobue plays a more important role than Charlie’s offscreen representation of male power fantasies. Don’t you find her fascination of moe to be a little odd? Don’t you think she still looks rather immature for a young adult supposedly in college (or high school for the manga)? If I had to take a guess, Barasui personifies otaku preference for moe as an ostensibly appropriate and non-ugly girl onto which the viewers/readers could project both themselves and their urges; “It’s okay if I gain pleasure watching young girls do cute things, ’cause look, Nobue does too and she’s 20 (or 16 for the manga).” It double-pandered, essentially.

      1. mewmew197

        Well…I guess. I can’t think of anything to say against that. Except personally I thought Nobue was suppose to represent Barasui somewhat.


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