Strange fandoms: Disembodied Heads Edition

I’ve mentioned the yukkuri things before, but maybe they deserve another look.

Oh geez.

So one day, someone drew an ugly Touhou fanart and posted it on a 2ch board. Is that how it goes? Did I get this right?


People found it hilarious, for whatever reason, and naturally it spread like wildfire.


Aw, she hurt herself.


I don’t even know what to-




One thing for sure–they always have some kinda drooling, retarded face on them.


And this one here, while not disembodied like the others, might just be the strangest.


Noice. Y’know what? I’ll just leave this troll right here.


If you suppose that’s the only example of disembodied heads in anime fandoms, take a look at Megurine Luka.


That’s right–an octopus. So I suppose she isn’t exactly disembodied, but it’s close. I don’t really know how this one started.


If you know, feel free to comment or something.


It’s one thing to admire a moe Vocaloid sensation (I personally don’t get that either), but to imagine her as an octopus really takes a special kind of effort.


Maybe the original intention was something funny?


Woo. This doesn’t really scratch the surface at just how strange and weird anime fandom can be, but I’m inbetween editorials and there’s no new anime to watch!

3 thoughts on “Strange fandoms: Disembodied Heads Edition

    1. Kanga

      Tako luka came around because of a model of Luka Megurine on MMD (Miku Miku Dance) The hair reminded people a lot of an ocotopus. Sooner or later someone manipulated Luka into and ocotopus and named her, Tako Luka.

      ^-^ I’m sure there is more to this story, but thats it in a nutshell


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