Otaku Both East and West Going Nuts

You mad?

You mad?

Over what? The pointless Endless Eight arc of course. Pictured above is the result of angry 2channers channeling their Kannagi brethrens. If you check some of the English blogs as well (check one of the tags above), there’s plenty of raging fans as well. Haha, we all wanted KyoAni to give us a sequel to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu so bad (I’ll admit it–I used to think Haruhi was good) and now we know why they were dragging their feet: they had nothing to give us. Great troll.  *golf clap*

There’s plenty of anime out there, however, so just watch something else. Haruhi’s an old dinosaur; just let her die.

On a slightly related note, the depths of otaku shame is bottomless.

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