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Love in 2-D and the Somewhat 2-D

Nii-san and Nemu-tan

Nii-san and Nemu-tan

Fin alerted me to this interesting funny-as-hell article from The New York Times. Normally, I’d stick news articles that interest me in the side column, but this was too good. A few of my favorite excerpts after the cut, bolding emphasis mine.

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This World is…Corrupt? “Fujoshi Moe”

Actual, unedited photograph of a real fujoshiWhile cruising WordPress for material I stumbled across the first and only non-professional articles I’ve found that apply the same level of scrutiny to anime that we here at Moe Sucks do. Am I losing my edge? Or hallucinating? Or is it just possible that someone else out there offers quality amateur anime analysis? Continue reading