Storm clouds are brewin’…

…and we’re in serious trouble.


Goddamn liberal police! Why can’t they just let me rebrand my pagan traditions in peace! argh

Oh yeah, the ‘otaku card’ thing… uh, see here. Oh we haven’t been ‘eliminated’ yet, whatever that means, but I’ve got a feeling I’m just not hardcore enough. Alright, I’ll admit it! I thought the Cowboy Bebop dub was pretty good! Just take me away! Lock me up and throw away the keys… how can I ever live down this shame? negativeman-55f

(Comic courtesy of Nyoron.)

6 thoughts on “Storm clouds are brewin’…

  1. KizukuKanshi

    I personally think the 3 of you writers here are taking a lot more interesting of a standpoint to be considered generic. I mean you’re under the blog name of Moe Sucks, which is automatically separating you from the tons of other blogs that absolutely worship moe-type anime.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I dunno their exact criteria, but…

      For one reason or another, we’ll give the blog an ‘Eliminated’ or ‘Approved’ rating based on how much shit they talk and how far removed from ‘otaku’ they really are.

      I didn’t think we’d be notable enough to be included. Frankly, I still don’t think we’re notable, but oh well, I ain’t the one doing the judging.

  2. thsj

    Might as well come out and say it now:
    I asked them to add you to the list.
    You might not be notable or w/e, but definitely interesting and far from generic. I thought it might be interesting what they write about you.
    So far, they didn’t have any valid criticism (“I don’t like the distro you’re using!”), but I still have hope that they might write anything of worth.

    I hope you can cope with the shame of being “eliminated”. ;)

    1. The Fin

      Despite my appearance in nyoro’s comic I think we’ll survive without our otaku card somehow. We also got a bunch of views out of it so good on you for adding us I guess.

    2. E Minor Post author

      I’m not really sure what the best part is. On the one hand, you have all the minor blogs going “ooh ooh please tear me a new one” ’cause any publicity is good publicity in this nerdy little corner. On the other hand, you’ve got others getting all huffy over a bunch of anonymous dudes (but they’re not Anon!) on the internet being a bunch of meanies.

      Actually, I think it’s those who are like “yes, yes, blogs are shitty and boring and it’s about time somebody said something,” trying to be all bemused and detached. Well, if it’s so obvious that most anime blogs are bad, why the fuck didn’t they speak up then? Those are the gutless, always waiting for the alpha dogs of their lives to make the first move before ganging up on someone weaker.

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