That mushroom is an akuma!

This post might not fit so neatly in with the rest of this blog, but I couldn’t resist. The creativity I find on Nico Nico Douga can surprise me at times, like those remixes of anime to resemble some silly Kirby song or Super Mario World being turned into a 16-bit composer of anime tunes. The video below, however, probably has my favorite gimmick: these guys came up with a game within Super Mario 64 where you attempt to collect 8 red coins while being chased by a 1-up mushroom. Considering that the mushroom is somewhat faster than Mario’s running speed and can phase through matter, it’s not as easy as one might think… anyway, this is my favorite clip of their six part series, but if you don’t have an account at Nico Nico Douga, someone was nice enough to upload them onto Youtube, which I’ve embedded below. Things are always being lost in translation, but I think these clips show that there are times when human beings understand each other regardless of culture and language.

2 thoughts on “That mushroom is an akuma!

  1. Anonymous

    It reminds me of a let’s play of the game ao oni by two japanese players too, one of them is really jumpy and startled by the noises of doors opening or the slighest movement on the screen, so when the monster finally appears his reaction is priceless :
    their whole playthrough is an example of what you stated above : they are really funny even if you don’t understand everything they say.


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