The Sacred Blacksmith Ep. 2: Someone call Sir Gunn.

Cecily is in need of some serious help.


Her poor breastplate cracked into just breasts and for some reason, Cecily likes to wear nothing underneath. Makes you wonder if she goes commando elsewhere too. Luckily for us viewers, Luke’s arm is just in the right place. This is a family show, y’see.

Naturally, Cecily shows up the next day with the same exact breastplate on.


You gotta wonder if she just has a closet full of that fashion disaster. Even worse, maybe she gets a new one molded every time she has to ditch the old one. Let’s help her out with some fashion choices other female knights have donned.


If you’re gonna wear a breastplate, be sensible… be modest. Good ol’ Agrias doesn’t need to show everyone she has a pair of 34Ds. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t; it’ll probably drive her man wild just thinking about it.


If Agrias is just too rough and tumble for you, Saber proves you can be functional and elegant at the same time. She’ll look like a lady as she drives that sword into you. Who says you can’t kick ass in a dress?


Or maybe a nice, classy chainmail will serve the trick. Plate mail can be pretty heavy, and as an athletic female, one of your advantages is your agility so why weigh it down with a honking piece of metal on your chest? This mithra here from FFXI is truly a “Justice of Light” in her Valor Surcoat.


Seriously girl, that breastplate you keep wearing just will not do.

Some other stuff happened. Seems like some guys are plotting stuff. Plotting evil, nefarious stuff. I dunno really ’cause I wasn’t paying attention.