Bringing some old articles to attention.


We were first added to Anime Nano on July 17th, 2009. Ever since then, I’ll grant we’ve been rather negative about anime, but not entirely.

Fin praised Bakemonogatari a whole lot, and personally, I wrote some favorable stuff regarding some films, particularly Ponyo and Millennium Actress. Still, I can understand the sentiment that we’re cynical, but it’s a little inaccurate. I still choose to watch anime everyday over the stuff I can get on Fox or NBC; anime exasperates me at times, but I don’t hate it. We can be harsh with our opinions here, but disagreement =/= trolling. Okay, we’re not funny, but then again, we aren’t trying to be. To say that we troll implies something disingenuous and I gotta say… I think I’m pretty honest about the stuff I’ve been watching lately. I’ll admit that something like Kobato and Nyan Koi! are utterly harmless even if they’re not for me, but come on, do you really think either Kampfer or The Sacred Blacksmith are any good? Like seriously? That’s a rhetorical question by the way, and besides, I have written articles that do praise anime and I have written articles that I feel are pretty neutral in tone. A lot of them were posted before this blog was added to Anime Nano and thus have gotten relatively little attention compared to our recent stuff. If you think we’re too negative, just read some of these. If you still come away with the sentiment that we’re trolls, then I guess this blog just isn’t for you.

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