Fall Weekly Anime Roundup #7

Our theme today is inane, inane, INANE.

Look at them–they look like beavers or something.

Kampfer 07, The Sacred Blacksmith 07 and Nyan Koi! 07

Yeah, I’m lumping all three together because they were all equally fucking dull. At the same time. Don’t believe me? They all had a pandering bath scene this week.

What do I do? This s-s-strange female body! It’s practically alien!

No one saw this coming. No one.

So three bath scenes in one week. You know how women sync their menstrual cycles (two updates about menstruation, hurray!–you’re very welcome ) after living together for a while? Well, it’s like these three anime decided that week seven was a good time to synchronize shitting on the bed.

What really irks me about The Sacred Blacksmith is not so much the ecchi factor… it’s nowhere near as bad as Zero no Tsukaima. This is a show about knights–about female knights–and we spent all of this episode on maid duty. We went from


Let’s not forget episode five was all about Liza’s domestic life and makeover. Watching anime feels like… uh…

Yeah, it feels kinda like that.

Isn’t it curious how every one of these shows only have one significant male character? Sure, Nyan Koi! has a few tertiary male friends for Junpei, but none of them ever get any substantial screen time. Even shounen heroes have friends and rivals though: Vegeta to Goku, SASSKAY to Naruto… the list goes on. In these (supposedly more) mature series, the male protagonist is without any true male friends or rivals whatsoever. He’s utterly alone. What happened since adolescence?

Letter Bee 07

Call me dingo. Lag’s dingo. I can’t over that, sorry. I can’t get over the weird cat eyes on them either. Or the fact that everyone and everything in this anime has random English words for names.

Damn straight. That centipede is called the Glen Keefu. Anyway, Lag Seeing is real happy to be a mailman, but, as we shall see next week, it’s not all fun and games. Enter pathos.



The emotional weight of a scene is directly proportional to how much you zoom in.

Kimi ni Todoke 07

This show is so corny, but you guys might object, “But E Minor, shoujo obviously isn’t for you.” Okay, well, I’ll let Nyoron, a girl, handle it.

Nyoron: This is the gayest thing I’ve heard today.

Nyoron: This is the funniest thing I’ve heard today.

Yeah! And take a shit while you’re at it.

Miracle Train 07

I wish I knew how to quit you.

Fuck it, I’m done.

7 thoughts on “Fall Weekly Anime Roundup #7

    1. E Minor Post author

      Miracle Train is about train stations turning into bishounen and helping their passengers with RL problems one at a time. No joke.

      Yeah, the gif is out of context. This episode was about the mystery of the train going into overdrive (whatever that means) and what a pity it is that they won’t be serving any passengers for a while. I made it to about 2/3 of the episode before I called it quits so I’m afraid I’ll never learn how it got resolved.

  1. KizukuKanshi

    As far as Letter Bee goes, I expected Sylvette to be possibly even wimpier and more sad than Lag, (if that’s humanly possible.) I guess the whole gun in the face thing proves me wrong.

    Oh and I laughed for about 30 minutes at the Miracle Train thing. XD

    1. E Minor Post author

      You interrupted my L4D2 playing. You get nothing. Why don’t you go update about yuri or something, heh.

  2. KizukuKanshi

    I was thinking about Kampfer and thinking about that Armed Librarian show that I’ve only heard the name of. You know what came out? Armed Lesbians: The Book of Pandora. That’s what happens when you actually try and think while watching Kampfer, ladies and gentleman.


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