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Thanksgiving Weekend Anime Roundup

‘Anime’ + ‘Thanksgiving’ will actually turn up a fair amount of pictures. I never figured. Some of them don’t even feature turkeys though so I’ll just steal the Naruto one. Did everyone get an overdose on tryptophan these last few days? I personally dislike turkey so I guess I have no excuse to be lazy. It’s just always really hard to get back into the groove of things after a long break, but I’m not going to start off too big. Aoi Bungaku’s adaptation of Kokoro is staring at me, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet. Maybe Fin will stop being lazy and beat me to the punch, I dunno. Let’s just revisit some of the other anime I watch to kill time: Letter Bee, Kampfer, Nyan Koi! and The Sacred Blacksmith.

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The Weekly Anime Roundup: Nyan Koi Ep. 6 and More

In addition to Nyan Koi!, we’ll also take a look at a show I haven’t seen before in Thriller Restaurant, revisit 11Eyes, see if the plot in The Sacred Blacksmith finally goes anywhere and finally, if we have time, maybe even peek at Kampfer again.

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