Thanksgiving Weekend Anime Roundup

‘Anime’ + ‘Thanksgiving’ will actually turn up a fair amount of pictures. I never figured. Some of them don’t even feature turkeys though so I’ll just steal the Naruto one. Did everyone get an overdose on tryptophan these last few days? I personally dislike turkey so I guess I have no excuse to be lazy. It’s just always really hard to get back into the groove of things after a long break, but I’m not going to start off too big. Aoi Bungaku’s adaptation of Kokoro is staring at me, but I’m not quite ready to talk about it yet. Maybe Fin will stop being lazy and beat me to the punch, I dunno. Let’s just revisit some of the other anime I watch to kill time: Letter Bee, Kampfer, Nyan Koi! and The Sacred Blacksmith.

Letter Bee 09

All flashbacks must be in piss yellow.

So we spent two episodes learning about what happened to Gauche and we still don’t really know much. They’re gonna milk this for a while. Maybe he worked himself to death. Maybe those shady anti-government dudes got the better of him. Frankly, I think the latter’s probably the best option. The system in Letter Bee could really use a shake up.

These letter carriers travel almost entirely on foot and work themselves to the bone for ungrateful people. Not only that, they gotta fight giant insects, and the only apparent way to kill these monsters is to sacrifice a piece of the carrier’s heart.

But look how swanky their headquarters are. Is everyone in the anime just blissfully unaware of the disparity between the workers and those on top? These carriers should be paid millions. They need to unionize and demand what’s rightfully theirs. They need a… a… manifesto!

Kampfer 09

In these tough economic times, even Kamina has trouble finding work.

It’s a good thing Kampfer is back to normal. Last week was sleep inducing.

Nothing but rapefaces this week.

If the show’s going to be bad, it should be outrageously bad.

That isn’t to say this week’s episode didn’t have its cringe-worthy moments, but it beats being boring. There’s just one glaring problem…

Nyan Koi! 09

Twirl all you want, fat cat. I’m disappointed in you.

Remember when mamba gave you strength? I don't.

Please tell me that The Sacred Blacksmith episode for this week will be a water park episode too, complete with wooden water slides. They give you splinters as you go down. Maybe Cecily can wear some chain swimwear.

The Sacred Blacksmith 09

See? Piss yellow.

Aw, no medieval water parks… but how ’bout some gender roles reinforcement!

I love the implication that they have to rape her back into being a girly girl.

Another rapeface...

But she’s a knight. How does she get overpowered by a maid?

Sure, some maids are super tough.

But Fio? The truth is that Cecily probably doesn’t mind it at all. There’s, uh, some back story this week I guess. I dunno, I don’t care. Luke is boring and so is his generic tragic past. I guess they’ll explain next week why or how Lisa is Valbanill.

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