11eyes Ep. 8 – Lickity Split

Yuka really has a knack for voyeurism.

So Kakeru gets extra powers by licking Kusakabe’s bleeding slit.

Scandalous. Joking aside, he really gets into it, doesn’t he? Kusakabe only said, “Drink my blood,” but Kakeru is making damn sure he gets every last drop. Oh well, I suppose he’s only repaying the favor.

Gee, Yuka, you’re looking at me kinda strange.

Well, this sure is a strange turn of events. Is… is she drooling?

Yeah, he just wants to save you bundles on car insurance.

At this point, I think I’m only watching this for the Yuka meltdown factor. There’s so much potential here. I don’t need a School Days twist, but some crazy faces a la Higurashi would be nice.

Look at her–she’s nuts.

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