11eyes Ep. 7 & Some Forgotten Anime

We typically ditch bad shows after one showing… but what if these series actually got better? First, however, is 11eyes.

11eyes 07 – A running commentary.

E Minor: I’ve figured it out.
Nyoron: Figured what out?
E Minor: I’ve figured out why there are always random panties shots. They’re all incredibly dumb.
Nyoron: Huh?

E Minor: They’re like adults… but they’re still in middle school. The outfits don’t fit them anymore.
Nyoron: Oh my god.
E Minor: I know, right?


E Minor: She could have hit them both at the same time, but hurf durf let’s tap the space between the two.


Nyoron: Why would you get tired from casting magic?
E Minor: Some games have that. Star Ocean 3 I think… the idea is you can die by losing either your vital (HP) or your mental (MP) powers.
Nyoron: That’s stupid.


E Minor: Where do you think those chains come from? Are they wrapped around her body?
Nyoron: From her vagina obviously.
E Minor: Oh right. If they were running up against her skin, she’d get rashes and everything, huh? Plus the chains look lubricated.
Nyoron: Ew.


Nyoron: Her power is to scream. The bitch of Aeon.
E Minor: The what?

Nyoron: You heard me. The bitch. Look at that–she’s all smug after using her power.

E Minor: Wouldn’t it be cool if she went yandere a la Kaede of Shuffle! That would make a good ending to this show. School Days this shit up.

Kobato 06

Well, I gave it another shot.

I got not one but TWO boring conversations between Pokemon rejects.

And another “Kobato is really slow” gag that ran way too long.

It’s the sixth episode. We already know she’s dumb. I didn’t bother to finish the last six to eight minutes of this episode.

Kiddy GiRL -AND 06

Nyoron: What have I done to deserve such a bad anime? Tell me! I repent!

Haha. Maybe we really do have to wait till the ninth episode for this show to get interesting.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OAD

You don’t say… like how this summer, a respectable studio made one hell of a stinker, but because it wasn’t a moe or harem show, people raved all about it like it was the greatest series ever? Everyone wanted something “intellectual” to blog about, and this serious show (backed with scientific research!!!) certainly hit the spot, even if it was emotionally pandering and socially shallow. Take a guess at what I’m talking about.

To laugh at the conceptual jokes of the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series, you really have to make your own analogous examples. I didn’t really care about either the beginning or end of the episode, but the middle gave me a chuckle. Personally, SZS isn’t bad, but the luster has worn off. It’s no longer fresh and I really can’t find the motivation to follow the series anymore.

Yeah, we’re still missing a lot of anime. To be frank, I’m never gonna touch either Sasameki Koto or Shin Koihime Musou again and Railgun is Fin’s retarded guilty pleasure. This was an abortion though–some shows are bad enough that there’s nothing to mock. We’ll go back to our weekly anime roundup after this.

5 thoughts on “11eyes Ep. 7 & Some Forgotten Anime

  1. The Fin

    “Railgun is Fin’s retarded guilty pleasure.”

    There is no pleasure involved let me assure you I’m just drawn to horrible J.C. Staff shows like a moth to flame.

    1. Nyoro~n :3

      Man, moe sucks. *plays touhou and miku something or another*

      Man, mmos sucks. *poopsocks a maat’s cap on ffxi*


        1. E Minor Post author

          Er, the one with the maat’s cap. Sorry but there’s no comparison.

          Okay, okay, break it up. This has nothing to do with anime.


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