Kimi ni Todoke Ep. 9

We’ve got a problem. A serious problem.

At 0900 hour, a group of terrorists calling themselves the Euclideans have unleashed biological warfare upon unsuspecting anime fans.

It is a macroscopic organism that can take many shapes. Pentagons…


…and yes, even the dangerous circle. This is a lethal disease that kills quick. It ruthlessly attacks the brain in just a span of twenty four hours. Initial symptoms include blurry vision,


and dangerously swollen skin.

With all the blood rushing to the head, the heart struggles to operate properly.

Minor symptoms also include flatulence which will impair basic motor skills.

At advanced stages of the disease, it begins to attack the brain, rendering its victims into stuttering morons. Countless patients have been unable to identify loved ones standing right before them.

Delusions begin to grip the mind. Subjects suffer from hallucinations…

and also feel extreme confusion and disorientation.

Victims begin to obsess over minor details to ‘Aspergian’ levels.

At its peak, the subject develops a high sense of paranoia.

Victims accuse their closest friends of sabotage. They accuse others of having ulterior motives, “scheming something,” and even manipulation. There is no known cure at the moment. We can only hope to quarantine the problem and capture the Euclideans before they launch their next attack, but we need your help. We need your help to end this madness.

Godspeed, Jack Bauer… godspeed.

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