Letter Bee Ep. 10

Literally a hill of prayer. Literally.

I tried to watch this week’s episode but I kept getting distracted. At first, I was busy watching Jason Campbell and the Redskins doing their best to suck hard as usual (that kicker is so getting cut). It suddenly occurred to me how odd it was that all the “bees” in this show are guys. Sure, there’s Aria but she seems to be a secretary of some sort rather than a field agent. I started wondering if they would be better as Letter Ants but nah–worker ants are also sterile females. By the time I started seriously paying attention to the episode, it was nearly over. Whoops.

We spent yet another episode on Gauche. He just flat out forgot his mom ever existed…

…but her dead body is RIGHT THERE.

He even looked at her dead corpse under the sheets just to pause for a second and return back to “DURR I HAVE AN IMOUTO” mode.

The light didn’t make him forget–it made him a retard. Where did he think the baby came from?

I bet Gauche’s even gonna be a villain but Lag will “save” him somehow–this show’s really just one giant vehicle for rabid fans to “ship” fanfics of Gauche and Lag. The rest of the creepy fans are probably busying themselves over this:

4 thoughts on “Letter Bee Ep. 10

  1. KizukuKanshi

    That last screen cap is taken to very unfortunately detailed heights in the original manga. Thankfully they didn’t transfer that over.

    As far as anything else in the episode goes, I just have to say, they had BETTER finish all of these mysteries they’re starting, ’cause I’ll be pretty upset (for probably a day or so,) if they leave us hanging with that. They didn’t really explain well how the world got covered in darkness, they haven’t explained how the cookie-cutter corrupt government took over and they just now started something with the whole 311th day thing. Safe to say I’ll probably sticking to the end unless a show-breaking character appears. That does happen occasionally with shows I like. Usually it’s a female character who acts stuck up, has a shrill voice, is a tsundere and has an annoying laugh. Those types of characters make me drop a show pretty quickly, usually.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Just how long is this show is supposed to be? ANN says 13 but that doesn’t sound right. We’re 10 episodes in and there’s no clear objective to the anime. It’s a meandering mess.

      1. KizukuKanshi

        I haven’t checked out the manga recently, but there seems to be a whole lot more of it left, so if it is 13, we’ll probably be seeing the second half of it in 2009 or something. I just can’t even imagine how the thing will end if they’ve only got 3 episodes left, though. It’s gotta be 24 or 26. That just wouldn’t even make sense otherwise. Unless Lag somehow finds Gauche, brings him back to Sylvette and becomes head Bee in 3 respective episodes. That’d still leave mysteries, even.


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