Nyan Koi Ep. 11

The jokes fell flatter than usual this week.

I started to wonder when I began to sour on Nyan Koi! and I think the problem with these recent episodes — aside from some strange similarities with Kampfer — is really how slow and typical everything has become. I dug through some of my old posts of Nyan Koi! and found this:

Nyan Koi! is kinda stupid but the show’s hyperkinetic pace makes it somewhat entertaining.

In comparison, the energy is all gone now. With the series winding down, loose ends are being tied up and gags are being replaced with “character development.” The only problem is that I don’t care about these characters. In fact, I can’t care.

Junpei and Sumiyoshi’s relationship ultimately means nothing to me if it can’t deliver the laughs, especially when anyone with a clue knows either Mizuno  will win or nobody does (what a sad contest they’re all in). It’s even worse when the anime itself doesn’t even try to wholeheartedly sell the coupling as an authentic pairing.

A good chunk of the episode was essentially filler involving Junpei and Chizuru. This episode thus only serves to delay the inevitable. Perhaps it’s a consolation prize for some tiny fandom out there — I don’t personally know — but if I had to guess, they’d likely pair Junpei with one of the cats first. To wrap this up, I just want to see silly hijinxes; without the comedy, what does Nyan Koi! truly have going for it? I wouldn’t say the show has turned bad… just insignificant.

Slightly off topic, the movie they watched in this episode reminded me of this video. It’s about a dog instead but it serves the same function:

Have fun with that!

3 thoughts on “Nyan Koi Ep. 11

  1. Shanny

    Pessimistic Nyan koi review, therefore it’s right. I still wonder, why do you watch this eye-sore serie? I’m pretty much sure it woulld be healthy for the blog if you cut off further Nyan koi posts. Still, making fun of it can be enjoyable to read (=

    I lol’d at the picture, seriously, nice one.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I still wonder, why do you watch this eye-sore serie?

      The law of inertia seems to apply to blogging. The more frequently I update, the easier the next post is for me to write. On the other hand, if I don’t updated for a while, writing a new post feels like dragging myself out of bed on a cold winter morning.

      On a more serious note, however, I don’t personally think posts like these are unhealthy to the blog. First, it releases some steam after watching a stinker; I’ve never subscribed to the seemingly unwritten rule of anime blogging that if you’ve got nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say it at all. Secondly, there are times when we are truly negative (typically Fin’s diatribes), but most of the time, we’re just being tongue-in-cheek. I think these posts bring levity to the blog that might otherwise be too serious for its own good. Plus, had I truly hated the show, I would have dropped it a long time ago (e.g. every show this season we don’t blog about).


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