The Sacred Blacksmith Ends


This was the least bad episode of the show — actually, it was kind of enjoyable. I particularly liked the fact that Luke didn’t go all shounen hero and save the day all by himself again.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would have been stupid to see Cecily run to Luke’s side just to see him do all the work. Had that been the case, her character would have had almost no growth whatsoever. In the end, they won together. It’s just some stupid action anime, but this development is better than nothing.

On the other hand, some tropes never die: Siegfried just stands idly by as 1) Cecily gives her silly little speech about former Lisa’s love and 2) Luke pulls another sword out of his black, magical ball(s?).

It never stops being as phallic as possible, does it?

It’s just always sad that villains only ever lose because of their hubris. I guess what we need is a Woody Allen villain, one who is so unsure of himself, he’d never take his opponents lightly: “How is it possible to find meaning in a finite world, given my waist and shirt size? Oh God I’m such a neurotic loser, but I guess I should fight… CORROSIVE SWORD oh dear I hope I win.”

In the end, Siegfried disappears in a cloud of smoke. Do I smell sequel? At this point, I think I’d much rather watch it over the sequels for Nyan Koi! and Kampfer, strange enough as that sounds.

Loose Ends

A few things could have been better. How did the soldiers defeat all of those demons?

Those beasts looked like they were kicking ass when Cecily wasn’t around.

Were these supposed to be scary? It’s like the director was standing over the artist’s shoulder and going, “Hm… not sinister enough. Add a few more eyes. Oh… oh! Perfect!”

Dugtrio was never the same after one of its heads fell off in a bench pressing accident.

No wonder the hat’s so ugly. Luke has only one eye.

Isn’t… isn’t this a little anachronistic? Actually, take a look at definition number three… hm.

10 thoughts on “The Sacred Blacksmith Ends

  1. kyon

    i loved so much this anime , this anime wasn’t the best of the season compared with railgun , bantorra or darker than black but was so enjoyable i liked it

  2. LostMarbles

    This episode made me despair for what could have been had they spent more time on this stuff and less time on “lets dress Cecily in a maid outfit”. Plus, the demonic mole-narwhals were kind of awesome.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I wonder what the light novels for this were really like. Were there really chapters on clothes shopping for Lisa? Were there really pages and pages on Cecily being forced into a maid costume?

  3. Anonymous

    I really thought they’d delve into more about the halbred person being important. Not that it matters, but still…I mean I thought it might possibly be the other Lisa for some reason.

    Either way, am I the only one who only noticed the whole “fake eye” thing when they pointed it out in Ep 11 or 12? I mean he’s usually turned 1 way or another, so I thought it was just an art inconstancy or something, when I payed it any attention.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I mean I thought it might possibly be the other Lisa for some reason.

      That’d be quite a twist for a final episode.

  4. Silver

    Many of the questions are probably answered in the novels. I enjoyed this series quite a bit but it sucks that it’s only 12 episodes because that means they won’t be able to answer every question. Oh well, perhaps there will be a second season?

    About the eye, I don’t think it was an art inconstancy as I noticed it from the beginning because I just notice how weird one of his eyes was in almost every shot it was in until it was explained why.

  5. Anonymous

    I liked the the show however i thought there should have been more action scene and more romance I think it should have been longer and they should have put a little twist to it and one last thing they should have laid off the boobs even cecily agrees


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