Omamori Himari Ep. 1

Shit sucks, man.

Giant head, skinny body, no signs of any sexual maturation to speak of…

I really would like to meet the guy who drew Yuto then sat back and thought to himself, “Yeah… I got my hero right here.” The original creator of this thing named himself after a missile, apparently, but that’s neither here nor there… anyhow, this same person drew these nipple-less freaks:

These human bodies are robbed of any potency, literally portrayed as shiny porcelain dolls without any sexual characteristics whatsoever. Without power, they are also without agency. The characters can never own themselves or their actions. Nothing exemplifies this more than an early scene in the episode, a scene you can find in a thousand other anime, manga and eroge.

She takes a breath before the “curtains rise,” preparing herself for the performance as the childhood friend. These characters are not even real. They’re just dolls trapped on rails, going through the same motions we’ve all seen a thousand times before.

But whatever. Let’s get on with the rest of the anime. So the premise is about Yuto, a descendent of demon hunters whose amulet used to ward off evil spirits.

For some inexplicable reason, it no longer works and now he needs other forms of protection. Apparently the first thing that came to the mind of Mr. French Missile was a catgirl. How does she know his charm doesn’t work anymore?

Oh yeah, he’s also allergic to cats. Hm, feels like deja vu. Anyhow, you wouldn’t just believe a catgirl if she told you demons were out to get you right? Who the hell would take orders from and obey a cat, hahahahaha…. So a demon possessed Yuto’s best friend, out of all possible candidates, and it’s up to catgirl and her katana to save the day. If she’s a catgirl, shouldn’t she use claws or something? Oh well. While beating the demon out of Yuto’s friend, Himari somehow stabs a water tank on the school’s roof in the process.

Sure was a convenient way to get Himari wet.

Some jealousy shit plays out between Yuto’s catgirl and his childhood friend — it’s really all nonsense you’ve seen before. After catgirl absolutely humiliates the childhood friend over and over, childhood friend apparently struck a deep blow with, uh, words:

Oh no you didn’t! Apparently it’s bad form to call a cat demon a cat demon. Like that’s raci-… speciest y’all. This gives our nipponjin a chance to act all smooth in the following scene:

Look at the asshole’s smug face. The dusky sky and soft, cheesy sax eventually leads to

Himari falling straight down from the water tower onto Yuto. Nope, didn’t hurt one bit. Does it look like a short fall to you?

After pancaking him, both of them lie there like it’s no big deal.

I wonder, however, if anyone even noticed that someone broke the water tank. I wonder if anyone even noticed the roof was flooded. We have an even bigger issue, to be honest:

The water tank was inhabited by a vengeful loli in a see-thru negligee? Ew. I hope that water wasn’t for drinking.

15 thoughts on “Omamori Himari Ep. 1

  1. Topspin

    Looks like someone decided to mix two parts Shana, one part Nyan Koi, and as much of the worst of Zero no Tsukaima as possible. Crap animation? Check. Odd pacing and editing? Check. Uninspired bargain-bin music? Oh you’d better believe that’s a check.

  2. KizukuKanshi

    You’d think that with the tens of character types they’ve run anime fans into the ground with, they’d fill a show completely all 1 character type, give them different faces and voices and call it experimental art.

    1. KizukuKanshi

      The “normal Japanese high school student” show would kill me within seconds, followed by the tsundere show which would pay for my funeral expenses.

  3. KizukuKanshi

    After having watched it, I say…well, I don’t really know what to say. Same old characters again. What different thing is going to even happen? What kind of development is going to keep it interesting? I can’t even really think of anything.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Well, you see there’s the right breast… and there’s the left breast. That’s the extent of this show so far.

  4. derp

    Yeah, the manga isn’t that great either. I really only read it because whoever was translating it translated Himari’s archaic Japanese into psudo-shakespearean language.

    She was like a female catgirl version of Frog. The fact that the only thing that made it entertaining was a translation decision speaks volumes about how bad it is.

  5. Kira Yamato

    The anime sucks. From the animation to the voice actors themselves. I felt the manga got pretty interesting halfway through. At any rate, who ever animated this show should get an early retirement. The scriptwriters too coz not even the manga had that much fan service

  6. Some Guy From Some Where

    Yeah, this was one of the worst anime I have EVER watched
    It hurt just to sit through the series
    And yet, we still have hundreds of these dime a dozen, paint by the numbers
    gutter-trash harem anime being produced right now with apparently no end in sight
    Is this the future of anime?
    God, I hope not
    i would think that many manga/anime producers could do better than tripe like this
    Personally, I think we need more YURI anime
    now that, I can get behind : )


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