Week 2’s Worst

At the end of the week, I steel myself for the worst and try to watch some of the lesser anime out there. You know the ones — the Chu-Bra’s and Onamori Himari’s of our lives. Sure, other shows are bad, but usually in a spectacular car wreck fashion that’s interesting to watch in some morbid way. The shows I want to talk about for this post, on the other hand, are terrible in such a mundane way that they normally wouldn’t even register on our radar. Let’s look at the candidates for the worst anime of the week.

Baka to Test to Shokanju 02

In the world of failed punchlines, Baka to Test to Shokanju (let’s go with BTS from now on for short) is king. To be honest, however, this show hasn’t been bad bad. The jokes just have no punch. I personally think humor has to straddle the line of offensiveness to be effective and BTS certainly doesn’t deliver on this front.

It is like the Wayne Brady of anime parody. BTS’s so safe and bland that a punch from a cat has more edge to it.

Well, being safe has its merits; it’s also not the worst anime this week.

Ookamikakushi 02

Is this the week’s worst anime? Is every episode going to be twenty minutes of boring nonsense followed by two minutes of actual plot? I still don’t think this show is bad yet, but it’s so slow and plodding at the moment, it’s destined to be forgotten. People compare it to Higurashi, but only if you sucked all the soul out and replaced it with plastic animation.

Omamori Himari 02

This show in a nutshell:

Utterly derivative… but still not the worst.

Chu-Bra!! 02

I’m gonna be upfront right now and say that I don’t think this was the worst anime this week either. With that in mind, you gotta be pretty fucking bad to beat a show that has a dad ogling his daughter’s naked ass then staring wistfully at the ceiling, saying, “Grandma, you’d be proud that your granddaughter has an underwear fetish.”

You gotta be pretty fucking bad to beat a show that has a middle schooler groping her friend’s breasts.

So what’s so bad?

Ladies vs. Butlers! 02

My girlfriend turns to me and is like, “Was this originally a hentai game?” I wasn’t sure so I went to check the big anime chart. According to Chartfag, this was originally a light novel. Man, you can’t be serious, I thought to myself, so I decided to look it up on Wikipedia.

Ladies versus Butlers! (れでぃ×ばと!, Redi×Bato!?) is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Kōzuki, with accompanying illustrations by Munyū.

No, seriously, this was a novel? Light or not, I don’t care. Some dude put these scenes to words on paper and someone published it. I can’t even imagine the novelization for something as dumb as this:

A familiar voice interrupted my conversation with Shingo: “Eh? Your motive here is to do lewd things to girls, right?”

I immediately snapped back to see that spoiled brat Flameheart standing over my shoulder. “You’re still spouting this nonsense? — you berserk drill.”

Boing! “Stop calling me that!” she cried indignantly. “My name is Selnia Iori–” boing!— “…Flameheart.”

“Who cares about your full name…”

Boing! Leaning forward, Flameheart glowered, “I’m not that gracious to allow servant-ed students to use ‘your’ to address me.” Boing! “You should address me as Selnia-sama.”

I rolled my eyes and slumped in my seat, incredulous at her audacity. “Wow… -sama eh? Even if you’re a lady, it’s still quite shameless of you to say that.”

Yep. Within a single conversation, her boobs bounced at least four times. For. No. Reason.

You know, some harems at least try to give their tsunderekko a reason to have a change of heart. Croissant girl here saw our manly hero drowning, and all of a sudden, she couldn’t resist feeling a little weak in the knees. Heh, biotruths — no woman can resist the nipponjin! This shit is terrible. This shit was the worst anime I saw this week.

16 thoughts on “Week 2’s Worst

  1. Aorii

    “I personally think humor has to straddle the line of offensiveness to be effective and BTS certainly doesn’t deliver on this front.”


    But [shrug], BTS is nonvolatile humor for those who like it with less of a sting, I guess. Humor seems to be another one of those things with a pretty broad range on preferences.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Humor seems to be another one of those things with a pretty broad range on preferences.

      Hence the “I personally think….”

  2. LostMarbles

    I have to agree with you on worst anime of the week. That is, if we’re not counting the release of the first Seikon no Qwaser episode uncensored. I don’t think even the shower scene with the maid can compare to heaving bosoms with nipples that quiver.

    1. E Minor Post author

      I haven’t had the (dis)pleasure of seeing Seikon no Qwaser uncensored. Still, I think there’s something especially damning about reusing the same shitty gag not only in the same series but in the following episode. Did the author think that he was onto comedy gold the first time the maid sat on his face that he absolutely could not resist having her do it again?

  3. NinjaYali

    On another note, I am considering watching that just because Minako Kotobuki is a seiyu in it. How does her role sound?

  4. KizukuKanshi

    I wonder what kind of person it takes to get turned on by breasts that move on their own? I know I’m not one of them. Makes you wonder if there’s some hidden depth to some of these shows and that there’s some invisible molester out fondling people’s breasts when they’re not paying attention. Maybe there’s some sort of gravitational disturbance around certain objects? I really can’t think of what goes on in the heads of an animator or artist in this type of show where they do that self-sentient bounce thing with the breasts.

    “Yeah, that’ll really emphasize that her breasts are big, ’cause they DIDN’T notice that yet!”

    1. NinjaYali

      Would it sound strange if I don’t mind that they did this in Hetalia for Ukraine (it’s a metaphor for Ukraine as *ahem* ‘fertile, agricultural’ state)?

      Although they made it excessive with the sound effects.

        1. NinjaYali

          Come to think of it…

          Evil Russia as yandere? Check
          English American foreign relations as tsundere? Check (I’m no expert in English-American foreign relations so I’m wondering if the English were really that bitchy to the Americans)

          Useless and Perverted French jokes? Check
          Italy is useless at war? Check
          Korea is Japan and China’s little brother? Check
          Russia Belarus state union as yandere incest? Got that as well

      1. WakaLakaAlchemist

        Himaruya (maker of Hetalia) did that as a joke, to make fun of anime such as LvB. Although the sound effects in the anime were…ah…yeah…excessive.

        1. LinGaiVa

          So it was a parody of magical boobs in anime.

          Still I’m considering if I should watch LvB to see why this is continually made out to be offensive.

          I mainly avoid it because I’m a judge a book by it’s cover person and I tend to think of harem shows as boring romance shows. Not to mention the concept sounds stupid. A school for maids and butlers? We have too many school shows.

  5. derp

    Ladies vs Butlers is a really horrible anime, but I will give it points for making the blonde drillbitch the female lead. As far as I know this is the first anime to do this (they usually get relegated to villain and/or joke character).

  6. sermocination

    Croissant girl makes plus sized hair visible to the public. It’s putting a new spin on the societal concept of beauty. I dare to go so far as to say that she is a heroine to many who have natural curves in their hair.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Hair like that will only lead to health problems. Hair like that is a drain on our country’s natural resources!


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