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Keeping Up with Ladies vs. Butlers

What would I ever do without anime?

It’s just something to write about, okay? Frankly, I’m waiting for better days in the spring season, but I still haven’t checked the convenient chartfag for updates on what that may bring. I guess I just don’t want to jinx it. Anyways, onto the crappy harem…

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Week 2’s Worst

At the end of the week, I steel myself for the worst and try to watch some of the lesser anime out there. You know the ones — the Chu-Bra’s and Onamori Himari’s of our lives. Sure, other shows are bad, but usually in a spectacular car wreck fashion that’s interesting to watch in some morbid way. The shows I want to talk about for this post, on the other hand, are terrible in such a mundane way that they normally wouldn’t even register on our radar. Let’s look at the candidates for the worst anime of the week.

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