Keeping Up with Ladies vs. Butlers

What would I ever do without anime?

It’s just something to write about, okay? Frankly, I’m waiting for better days in the spring season, but I still haven’t checked the convenient chartfag for updates on what that may bring. I guess I just don’t want to jinx it. Anyways, onto the crappy harem…

Is it me or is it a pattern that a lot of foreigners in these anime happen to be otaku? As for Estoh herself, she seems like a mouthpiece for some deeper frustrations:

She’s referring to this high-powered school teaching people of painters and operas. God forbid anyone learns of Van Gogh and Mozart before Kishimoto Masashi. Great mangaka or greatest mangaka?! Anyway, like I said earlier, some deep-rooted frustrations in Estoh:

So what’s-his-face gets roped into helping Estoh make a cosplay photobook. They go around the school trying to convince (heavy emphasis on the ‘con’ part) girls to participate. Naturally, Flameheart takes umbrage at the lurid depiction of women in Estoh’s project. How is the shounen hero gonna get himself out of this one?

Look at his furrowed brow. He’s determined. T-they worked hard on it! That makes it okay to treat women like a piece of meat… because they worked hard on it! Just, like, deal with it. Man, what’s sad is that I don’t even know what they were going for with “Super Diva.”

If it’s a parody of mahou shoujo anime, it’s not a particularly good one. Kannagi did it better. If it’s not a parody, then it’s just kind of a lame duck.

Back to the shitty photobook, the final obstacle is getting Mimina to participate. Butler Dude tells her she should just do what she wants. Yeah, that’s a good plan! Except she thinks they’re doing a doujinshi so she gets roped into (her words, not mine) “embarrassing” outfits. So much for diving headfirst into doing whatever you want.

Seeing Akiharu (oh right, that’s his name) being so helpful got Flameheart’s loins aflame so the next episode is all “plot development:”

I’m quite used to the spoiled nature in which anime loves to portray in their female characters. Flameheart having a billion maids doesn’t surprise me at all:

Nor is her dad arriving in a helicopter much of a shock.

Really, you should see some of the opulence in the Japanese dramas like Mei-chan no Shitsuji. But back on subject, what is with the father-daughter embrace. Slurping noises? Seriously?

And what the hell is “foreign style?”

Later on, while going for a swim, Flameheart’s legs are attacked by red lightning bolts. I’m not lying.

Red lightning at the beach. They could have contrived for something better. Maybe a jellyfish stung  her and she’s paralyzed temporarily from the waist down. Maybe her legs got tied up in some kelp. I dunno, either of those seem to me more plausible than some red lightning bolt. Shounen hero saves her, of course, and we end with this:

When you zoom out, it kinda looks like a giant larva latched itself to his face. That could have been an interesting anime.

7 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Ladies vs. Butlers

    1. KizukuKanshi

      I did notice the lack of sense (and moral sense) in the episode with Estoh, though. I was thinking something like, “You just justified the hard work that goes into making perverted magazines. Never mind the content, of course. I guess it’s good to force people into skimpy clothes against their will, now?”

        1. KizukuKanshi

          I know they were trying to be funny, but I find it a bit hard to laugh at sometimes. I tend not to laugh at things that you have to dig deep into in order to find them funny. Plus, to me it seemed they were setting the mood to be serious with the way they had Estoh getting upset and serious music and such.

          1. NinjaYali

            I don’t know about what you mean about digging deep but Japanese humour in anime is very simple.

            -Insert embarassing situation (can’t be hilarious if it’s not embarassing and people consent)

            And the optional…
            -Said person who initiated embarassing situation is punished through violence
            (Variants include; accidentally walking into girls’ bath, groping someone, being an idiot and deprecatating self violent discipline follows…)

            -Girl or boy sees/imagines perverted scenario
            -Nosebleed response
            -Insert another perverted scenario
            -Nosebleed again.

            And then…
            -Girl shows obvious feeling (tsundere)
            -Guy is ignorant
            -Girl responds with violence
            -Girl imagines but object of affection is scratching head to meaning of girls’ behaviour.

            In short, anime loves recycling its jokes. But for some reason or another I still find these jokes hilarious even after seeing 20 or so of the same scenario.


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