Week 4’s Worst

A little late and a little short: here is last week’s round up of stuff I actually watched.

Omamori Himari 04

Himari was an even earlier childhood friend than the other girl (I’ve forgotten her name already). I’ll admit this development cracked me up. It’s like Childhood Friend 2: Childhood Harder. A childhood friend and a catgirl. How can you compete? Whoever moe’s hardest wins the Yuto sweepstakes.

We get cat rage a little later when Yuto jumped in front of an attack intended for Himari. This turns the table until Yuto decides to jump in front of yet another attack.

This makes you wonder why didn’t he just block the first attack instead of letting himself get cut?

Ookamikakushi 04

Another slow episode this week left me wondering about Issei’s portrayal, particularly his fashion. I can’t help but shake the anime is trying to imply something…

“…putting over your shoulders… it seems pretty gay to me while around the waist is just there.”


“I don’t think it necessarily makes you look gay. It can also make you look like a yuppie tourist. Not sure that’s the look you’re going for, though.”


“Straight Guy,

In his comment yesterday about meat hats, Straight in Upstate asked if I had ever worn a sweater tied around my neck, a sweater some kind of fabric, not of meat or meat products, I assume.

The answer is “no.”

The occasional Nantucket-type guy can pull off a sweater around the neck or shoulders. Enough to give me a slight twinge of envy. I’ve stood in front of a mirror with sweater sleeves across my neck. No go. It’s a case of “Does this sweater make me look gay?” It does.”


Once I was in Montana, staying at a lodge that had a hot spring pool. That night the pool was rented out to the local high school for a fun excursion. I was walking by the pool and those kids started in on me with every possible gay taunt they could think of. I shrugged it off (because what do they know?), but as I walked out the door one belted out “nice sweater, homo!” I guess they hadn’t seen many v-neck, cableknit tennis sweater before.

Just food for thought. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, of course, so what is Ookamikakushi trying to say? Just a coincidence?

Ladies versus Butlers! 04

Oy vey.

Hay guyz don’t people in the Middle East have weird customs and laws? The anime contradicts this later anyway by having the servant literally bathe Ayse. Awrah among unrelated women is really no different from unrelated men, but that would require the anime to actually care about the culture they’re stereotyping.

Oh man they’re so violent. Y’know, Ayse attempts to rape him later on and how do they resolve it?

I love how Ayse wears her traditional clothes only half the time and wears the school’s uniform the other half. Whatever the “Khadim family rules” are, they’re completely arbitrary apparently.

I did see Baka to Test to Shokanju last week but it’s brand of safe and wacky comedy wasn’t notable. I didn’t watch Chu-Bra again either, but I dunno, Ladies versus Butlers! is bad enough. What’s the worst anime this week? Draw your own conclusions.

5 thoughts on “Week 4’s Worst

  1. adaywithoutme

    Wow, Ladies versus Butlers has managed to get even more offensive than I ever thought possible. I’m actually kind of stunned.

    1. LinGaiVa

      So are these characters actual muslims or just some made up fictional culture?

      And I’m curious to watch this show just to see if it’s as offensive as this post makes it out to be.

  2. LostMarbles

    There is absolutely no variation on lulz-comedy-rape that is not wholly disturbing. It makes me sad that there is an actual audience for this joke that probably didn’t even consider what occurred attempted rape because they would totally “hit” Ayse and therefore Lead Dork does to even if he acts like he doesn’t . Is there a way I can wake up from the current reality and it’s insanely fucked up ideas of what constitutes consent?

    As for Chu-Bra, I almost feel like defending the 4th episode because it’s not as horrible as usual. They actually made an attempt at looking at the effect that being objectified due to having large breasts can have on a young girl. However, It wasn’t dealt with in any depth and the show still has the problem of feeling very exploitive because it’s target audience are male underwear fetishists.

  3. Anonymous

    Ladies vs butlers was ok until the end. Spoiler Alert!!!! No one wins in fact at the end he gives them both the tickets, and after that blam every1 hates him. Lesbos FTW.


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