Touching is scary.

Ahh. I had a nice, long break. Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day and such and such. So what did I miss?

You never miss much in the world of harems and shounens. Storytellers in anime love drip-feeding the audience slowly, never realizing they might not have an audience at the rate they’re going.

In Ookami, Issei finally bites the dust for the crime of kissing.

According to the “vigilance group,” Issei’s kouhei is no longer the same thanks to that kiss. I get the vibe that this show is very afraid of physical intimacy. I’ve never seen a kiss be so dangerous.

Nor have I ever seen a hug be so painful.

Physical intimacy of any sort seems to imply vulnerability because it can literally set you off at any moment, which is honestly troublesome. From a distance, it just looks like two guys wrestling, but due to the “undeniable truth” that she’s a girl, it has to be super embarrassing and horrible.

To be honest, she just looks like a hobbit to me.

Continuing on the “physical intimacy = horror” train of thought, even hair can set a girl off. A petite mort in every touch.

(Speaking of which, I love the cheesy music during Kaoru’s Cinderella moment as if wearing fake breasts and conforming to beauty standards is something to be proud of. B-but she’ll never forget this day!)

Oh anime, why are you scared of even a hug?

10 thoughts on “Touching is scary.

      1. LinGaiVa

        From my experience, apparently they don’t want to commit to anyone real because they are ‘afraid of being rejected’ and hence choose 2d instead. Quite a bit of absurdity on the net with the feed cakes to character on screen.

        Though at the same time those threads were fun for the laughs.

  1. 2DT

    Have you ever seen the video where some Japanese kid interviews Dakota Fanning? It’s embarrassing, endearing and kind of sad, because at the end she gives him a hug, and he shakes like he’s in an earthquake.

    1. E Minor Post author

      Yeah, I’ve seen it. I’m more amazed that there are fans of Dakota Fanning. I live in her country and I can’t remember anything notable she’s done. I am Sam? Well, that’s nice…

      1. KizukuKanshi

        Well, apparently she’s a girl scout and she has naturally curly hair, according to imdb. It must be either of those things, I’d assume.

  2. Aile

    Maybe people in Japan do less physical contact in general, but the extremes to which (instances of physical contact like above) are fetishized in these shows are indeed overdone to appeal to a certain target audience.

    So it’s not really a cultural thing about Japan particular (and I don’t have to pretend to be an anthropologist) but a psychological thing about the shut-in Otakus they want to generate sales from ?
    Just an uninformed speculation (/not a psychologist either), some of those people don’t experience much casual physical contact in their life for some reason, so they could/did not develop the notion that it’s a perfectly normal, harmless thing and doesn’t always result in a full blush & ‘doki-doki’ mode for most people (for shut-ins it may be that way, due to the rarity of occurence). Thus the projection, the anime-characters have the same exaggerated reaction (as if they shared the same mindset of the shut-in, even when they’re supposed to be ‘popular’ characters who should have a healthy socialisation).
    On a deeper level, they view their life from a ‘narrative perspective’ (as they are more involved with narrative media like TV/books/games/etc rather than engaging immediate reality). The thing with narratives is, though, that everything there happens for a reason. Which is fine for stories, as they want to mean something and every part is constructed to express a specific meaning (which we can easily see from our ‘top-down’ audience perspective, whereas characters in the story can have misunderstandings) ; but real life obviously doesn’t work that way. And without better narratives to navigate life, some may apply ‘anime-logic’ to their interpretation of stuff happening around them; which is, as we know, as helpful as looking at porn for a realistic portrayal of sex, for example.
    Girls, remember ‘that guy’ from campus who would, after you once just said “hello” to him, stalk you forever ?
    It’s something like that. He probably thought you shared a ‘doki-doki’ moment and read more meaning into it where there was none; as the narrative account he uses to interpret life is probably made up of shitty harem shows etc.
    And I haven’t even started about the portrayal of women in such anime, but that’s enough stupid rambling from me for now..

    Anyways, I’m off, must practice my crash-into-Hello :)


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