Catching Up: Qwaser

What has our top misogynist been up to since I went on a short break?

Every episode has to start with a flashback. Every episode also has to have an OP. As a result, it’s about three minutes of crap to get to more crap. Anyway, Sasha starts off every episode by putting woman in their place:

I love how everyone hushes so that Sasha could mutter lame burns under his breath. It’s hilarious. This show is such a wet dream for social rejects. You know that kid that always kept to himself in the back of the classroom and probably smelled like rancid dog food? In his fantasy world, he’s this dude who sucks breasts and controls iron. And to be honest, this is what makes this show so ironically funny. It tries so hard, but it just ends up being so over-the-top.

“When humans are excreting, they’re also at their lowest state of defense. You’re not wary enough, Teresa!”

Well, what is she supposed to do? Not shit?

So anyway, another villain shows up and his gimmick is chlorine. Oh I’m sorry, he’s the “Apostle of the Twelve Adepts, Gas Chamber. The Qwaser of Chlorine, Croa the Purifier.” Jesus Christ, man. Sasha can’t help insulting his classmates, but when it comes to his foes, he’s gotta stand there and politely spell out their entire identity. Being a shounen show, the fight between them plays out just the way you’d expect it to: a) Sasha is confident, b) but he can’t win alone, c) he receives unexpected help! d) he wins! e) Teresa strikes a pose?

There’s not much to say in the next episode. We just learn more about Ekaterina and how she’s not really evil… y’know, other than murdering people indiscriminately and making a sex slave out of Hana. Seeing Miyuri sacrifice herself for everyone, Kate screams, “I won’t let my dear sister take the shame all by herself!”

Happy music then plays…? Tomo is squeaking with joy and there are tears in Mafuya’s eyes and she’s all like “Kate….” Seriously? Yeah, uh, you go girl… don’t let your sister disgrace herself alone. Disgrace yourself with her. Whatever.

6 thoughts on “Catching Up: Qwaser

  1. Renkuuzanshi

    You know, at first I was thinking, “He’s pretty different. That’s interesting!” Then I realized what’s different is that this guy’s a regular prick and that all the rest of the cast is unimaginative aside from all of the chemistry junk they pull.

    Also, something about the way Sasha acts reminds me about how my history teacher was teaching us about Machiavelli. He was strict and cruel for about the whole class, and he assigned a lot of demerits and sent people to the principal’s office. Then, at the end of the class, he took the demerits from the people he assigned them to and ripped them up and they loved him for it, despite the fact that he had just basically abused us for 90 minutes. With Sasha, it’s as if the girls are just eating him up for the slight amount of good deeds he does towards them despite him being a prick the rest of the time.

    1. KizukuKanshi

      And the strange thing is, that kind of thing works for the majority of people. (That was me, I just put the wrong name…>.>)

    2. E Minor Post author

      It’s hard to say. For a lot of students, teachers represent the law. Their authority seems absolute at times. Even if teachers are being unjust, most students usually take it because they can’t understand transcending the system that they are trapped within. As for Sasha, he represents nothing. He’s just some dorky kid. Tomo and Mafuya at least knows he has this crazy power to control iron so maybe they’re scared of him (though I think Tomo is just really dumb), but for the rest of the student body, Sasha is just a little kid. There’s no reason for anyone to take his shit which is why I think the show is (pathetic) escapist fantasy. In the real world, people with limited social skills like Sasha would be picked on and bullied. In anime fantasyland, he gets to drop bon mots in a hushed classroom.

  2. Lavender

    That was definitely a very repugnant, disgusting episode. The details make it so abominable, it’s not just the fanservice. That absurd tragic scene is stuck in my mind….
    I cannot ignore the blatant vile aspects anymore. I have to ignore this series from now on.

  3. GPrieto

    ‘Seikon no Qwaser’ is (one of) the worst series of the last season. Leaving aside the euphemisms (fanservice, ecchi, etc), this series can only be described as PORN. That is the kinda crap that makes me ashamed to like Anime.


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