Fall A.O. #4: You got Gimpmail!

Republished because something is seriously up with the RSS feed at least on my end.


Togainu no Chi Ep. 7

• In case you forgot what happened last week (which is understandable because the anime moves at such a torrid pace), a bunch of nobodies died and Keisuke suddenly became evil. Well, not quite, but his jerk levels rival Squall’s now.

This week, we get to find out why the change in behavior.

• It’s because drugs are bad.

Especially when a drug can turn an uke into a seme. Let’s not upset the delicately balanced dynamics we’ve got going here.

• Rain or shine, Gimpmail will deliver letters to their destination! Please be considerate and tip your carrier with a Scooby snack.

Possibly the only mailman your dog won’t chase.

• When Rin left Squall, he had to run up a flight of stairs. I wonder if dogdude crawled down those same flight of stairs to get to Squall’s room. Or maybe he walked down and said to himself, “Time to get into character! Ruff ruff!”

• Was there a point to everyone else you killed?!

• For most shows, we don’t know how the protagonists are going to reach their end goals, but we sort of have an idea of what it entails. I have no idea where this show is going. The vague “eliminate Il-Re” is all we’ve got and none of the good guys seem to be doing anything productive toward accomplishing it. It’s almost as if it’s a slice-of-life anime.


The World God Only Knows Ep. 7

• I just had to look up who produced this anime and it’s Manglobe. Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy were so promising (even if the latter ended up sucking horribly after five episodes). Michiko to Hatchin wasn’t wretched either so how do you explain The Sacred Blacksmith and God Only Knows? At least House of Five Leaves was solid and here’s hoping Deadman Wonderland will be too.

• We learn this week that Kanon has a lot of poorly-drawn fans… all hopefully succumbing to uzumaki any second now.

• It’s time to finish Kanon’s arc. Katsuragi comforts her first, but then lays down some heavy stuff about life. Kanon’s giant anime eyes glisten with epiphany… so they kiss and runaway spirit captured. Unfortunately, they managed to extract the spirit at exactly the 15:39 mark so the rest of the episode was a cringe-inducing song and dance number.

• Pfft, who would want a flesh and blood girl when you can listen to a computer sing.


Panty & Stocking Ep. 8

Nyoro’n up to the plate:

• This week, Panty & Stocking warns the audience about the dangers of a zombie apocalypse. They show everyone how to whack off zombies (plus a pussy cat) in style.

• Afterwards, they show the dangers of going on a game show.

• On a side note, can you spot all the pop culture references in Panty & Stocking? I can!*

*E Minor can, not me, but I will take his credit.


Star Driver Ep. 8

• Quick recap: We learned last week that Sugata is not dead, but something’s odd about him. To what I’m sure is the disappointment of many, however, I don’t think he turned seme like Keisuke.

• The episode surprised me by opening with the OP first.

• I skip past any sequence with the caged girl. In fact, don’t we all watch this show for the ‘Galactic Pretty Boy’ hip thrust?

• Sugata’s mean to everyone so Wako spends most of the episode being emo about it. What’s wrong with him?! Meanwhile, the villains cook up a dastardly plan:

• While Scarlet Kiss hopes to harness Samekh’s powers for herself, Sugata and Takuto share some tense words. The result is anime-dramatic. The grass was freshly shorn on that cliff just for this scene.

• Wait, what? Sugata’s libido is overflowing into her?

• The overall effect on Scarlet Kiss’s cybody seems to be something akin to steroids. Well, I guess testosterone makes sense.

• But Scarlet Kiss loses control of her Sugata-enhanced cybody. His manliness is just too much for any woman to control!

• The duel between Sugata and Takuto is the most entertaining fight of the anime yet if only because I didn’t know who was going to win. It would have been much more suspenseful if things were a little more even-handed; if we were judging the fight boxing style, Sugata got in way more hits. I honestly expected our pretty boy to lose and set up another cliffhanger, but I guess they had more of a bro spat over a girl than anything serious.

• Nyoro’n: “The episode ends with two friends panting real hard after the brofisting that broke the world.”


Kuragehime Ep. 5

• Fin chimes in for us again:

Kuragehime this week is beginning to hemorrhage some of its charm. So far we’ve learned that men can either be airhead hipsters or careerist squares. This week we learn that girls can be shut-in nerds, shallow fashionistas, or career whores who sleep their way to the top. Really, the portrayal of Shouko is incredibly vicious: she’s made to look mean-spirited and fake, and have gotten where she is solely on looks and charm. And if you think the bitterness is limited to just her, Koibuchi is openly dismissive of his fashionable female friends who only talk about fashion and sex.

Apparently the only kind of girl good enough to be the main character is Tsukimi, who is a character defined mostly by her lack of ambition. She’s just a princess waiting to be rescued by Koibuchi’s wondrous transvestite fashion powers, not one of those terrible Jezebel’s like Shouko who dares to have, you know, goals, initiative, and self-esteem. Maybe I’m overreacting but it would be nice to see a female character with a spine and a brain that’s not made out to be a soulless bitch.

In other news, the inevitable makeover scenes are upon us, and so far, they are kind of a letdown.

Also, the Nunz are still mortifying to watch embarrass themselves, spending half the episode facepalming is not really helping my viewing experience. All in all I’m considerably less excited about the future of Kuragehime this week than I was last.


Around the web:

• Oh neat, someone else saw House (no, not the sarcastic TV doctor) recently. I’ve been meaning to write a post on it as well. I have my own interpretations of the film (it’s about growing up), which I hope to get around to later this week.

• I’m following this mostly for the seething anger it seems to inspire. I’m anti-censorship though; the law (anywhere) has never really sharply defined what constitutes obscenity in a way that makes sense.

• It seems bullying and suicide as the result of it are cropping up on the news everywhere. Is bullying more of a problem now or are we just finally paying attention to it thanks to the 24/7 media coverage? If it’s the latter — and I think it is — the whole thing casts a depressing shadow over human nature.

• Here’s a list of things you might not want to say if you marry a Japanese person.

“Japan ‘absolutely cannot tolerate’ N Korea’s nuke development” — Yeah, well, what are you guys gonna do about it? What are any of us going to do about it? Actually, don’t answer that question, South Korea… see below.


Off topic:

“South Korea considers asking for U.S. nukes” — Uh…. At the moment of this writing, Nyoro’n tells me that serious shit is going down (like scrambled F16’s in retaliation) due to some rounds of artillery from the North.

Rare footage of North Korea’s military technology in action.

Hm, hopefully nothing serious comes of this like all those other times both sides postured, resulting in North Korea holding some silly parade a few weeks later about how they totally owned the Imperialists. I personally think South Korea knows they have nothing to gain from a war, but Nyoro’n somewhat disagrees.

• First the Grizzlies and now the Pacers? What should you do, Lebron? Speaking of the Heat, their announcers are ridiculous. You don’t steal a game when you win by 16.

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