Anime Overdose #3.5: What if Mashiro had the solar pen?

A bi-weekly look at some anime and various other anime-related nonsense.


Bakuman Ep. 7

• I like the cut of your jib, Takagi. You’re right — their relationship does suck.

• Yeah, that’s pretty maladjusted. Shouldn’t couples… y’know, talk and get to know each other so the relationship has even the slightest chance of working out? Oh, right right… this is anime where love hinges on nothing but a childhood dream.

• So this Eiji guy is shaping up to be the antagonist of the anime. His portrayal is pretty gutless though. It wasn’t enough to make him some obvious uber-dweeb? Did he have to be an asshole too? Aren’t we capable of giving our heroes a compelling conflict without making the antagonist so one-sidedly bad?


Yosuga no Sora Ep. 7

• The anime keeps teasing the audience with just the barest hints of a darker undercurrent. Sora could just snap at any moment, but she doesn’t.

• C’mon, just grab a giant knife and go to town.

• Too bad the rest of the anime is benign melodramatic bullshit. Nao and Haruka had a bit of a sordid past, you see. When they were younger (who the hell knows how young ’cause it seems like the girls have DD size breasts at any age), Nao stole Haruka’s virginity. For whatever reason, doing the dirty deed temporarily broke Haruka:

• Yeah, I don’t have a clue what happened to him. Maybe during the sexing, she absorbed his manliness SPACE JAM style.


Otome Youkai Zakuro Ep. 7

• What’s the recipe to wooing a tsunderekko? Make her jealous. Why does she even care? Since when did she care? Oh, I guess it’s just undeniable biological truth….

• Blond, tall and rich as all hell — Kei, you cardboard-cutout dog you! Who’s the generic eyecandy for idealistic shoujo fantasies? Yes you are!

• Character development, shmaracter development. No plot, no emotion, no point. I felt nothing watching this episode. Besides scratching the itches of shippers all across the internet, it was a completely throwaway episode.


Psychic Detective Yakumo Ep. 7

• What was the evil lady talking about when she claimed to love Yakumo?

• I half expected Haruka to get into trouble for snooping into Yakumo’s affairs, but I guess not. Maybe she’ll get to save him in the next episode, but more than likely, it’ll be the detective’s new assistant. Silly girl, no agency for you.

• It seemed like this episode’s sole purpose was to prop up a cliffhanger. I’m going to go watch Twin Peaks instead where there’s a psychic detective actually worth talking about. Mm, damn good coffee.


Shinrya– How to Harvest Squid Ink!


Around the web:

• An anime about North Korea? Sounds interesting. It sounds like the creator’s securing funding at the moment so hopefully it pans out.

• Impartiality is cool and all, but I never knew it was common practice for countries to aid each other in setting up independent election monitoring panels. News to me, I guess.

• Some relatively innocent gender misconceptions? Hmm, maybe. While misconceptions about men mostly revolve around sex and beauty standards, guys apparently have misconceptions of girls’ agency, e.g. “…[girls] can’t decide anything on their own.” Does this have any deeper implications?

7 thoughts on “Anime Overdose #3.5: What if Mashiro had the solar pen?

    1. E Minor

      While streaming it last night, some dork came into the channel and I guess he had never seen boobs before. He just kept going on and on about how the breasts were awesome until Nyoro’n said something to scare him off.

      1. Nyoro~n :3

        Yeah the guy was all like, “Heh, me and my friend asked these two girls if boobs float in water,” and I was all like thinking, “Hey I saw a similar experiment on television!!”

        So I replied, “you know what else floats in water? turds”

        Fin said I was right.

  1. A guy from /m/

    Um… channel?

    Raving on and on about a bunch of two-dimensional breasts is a bit sad, especially when that’s the only ”merit” it has. Usually, that’s a way to classify the thing in question as utter garbage.

    But hey, what’s not to love about another eroge show where the main character can charm off any panties in his vicinity? It’s not like I haven’t seen that a million times already.

    1. E Minor

      I use a channel to stream the newer anime from time to time. They’re so bad, it helps to watch with others.


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