Otome Youkai Zakuro Ep. 10: Pretty Spider

This video doesn’t exist

H-how do you kiss with that sort of mask? Hell, how is he managing to talk at the same time?

I gotta say though… I make fun of this show, but the story is actually getting interesting. I actually want to know what happens next. I’m actually looking forward to Zakuro every week!

Hanadate or Omodaka isn’t very compelling so far. He’s just another creepy rapist, but at least this mini-fortress of tortured spirits has my attention.

A couple things are way too predicable. Zakuro showing some kindness to one of the twins heavily foreshadows their redemption. Of course, you could sorta tell from their character design anyway. Cute girls are almost never undeniably evil in anime.

On the other hand, Lady Rangui is just another mancrazy woman. Even if you don’t care about the deeper implications, it’s just passe at this point. Plus, she accuses Zakuro of sucking Hanadate’s “nectar.” Nasty.

Finally, the whole “got sucked into another dimension” bit is kinda cheesy, isn’t it?

I liked a few things though. The swarming black spirits actually reminded me of No Longer Human. Or aborted fetuses returning to perform some karmic justice.

This video doesn’t exist

And yeah, I don’t really like Rangui’s character, but cool transformation scene.

The animation quality isn’t anything special most of the time, but when we get close-ups of the characters’ faces, the anime does go up a notch or two.

It’s nice to see.

All the romantic stuff kinda pales in comparison to the actual story (the little we get of it). It’s probably because Agemaki looks out of place to me. He should be in Ouran or something.

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