Kamisama Dolls Ep. 11: We’ll just stop here

Last week, I criticized the anime for failing to show the audience how Kyouhei managed to overcome that terrible day in his youth. Instead, the anime opted to tell us how “broken” Kyouhei came to be. So how does this week’s episode start? By showing me just exactly what I had requested… unfortunately, I requested this a week ago. What a bizarre way to edit a story. This would be like having Back to the Future end just as Marty McFly was accelerating toward the clock tower, cutting suddenly to an older McFly telling the audience how broken he was over that traumatic event! — only for the second movie to begin with his girlfriend telling the audience exactly how the first movie was resolved.

The quality, boy, the quality!
The editing has just dropped like a rock. Here’s the anime giving Kirio the Ayumu treatment by having Moyako tease him about his androgyny:

Way to traumatize little kids. Koushiro chastises the girl but for just a second! When she stands up and gets ready to leave, Kirio has magically re-entered the scene — all clothed too:


“But E Minor, there was a time skip!”

Well, duh. The point is that you don’t edit scenes like this, i.e. time-lapsing during a conversation, unless you were doing some strange, trippy anime. Kamisama Dolls is not a strange, trippy anime. Also, great lazy eye:

And take a look at poor Hibino-san here:

She looks like a beached whale. Those thighs would make Chun-Li blush. The quality animation doesn’t stop there; it’s like a pyramid of boob:

Also, female-on-female molestation is just funny, guys:

If I wanted to watch this sort of shit, I’d be watching Yuriyuri instead. During this entire scene, there’s wacky romcom music playing in the background to make you think this is just hilarious material. Oh man, look at those giant boobs. That’s so funny!

Your princess is in another rape castle!
Normally, I’d try to explain why a particular episode works or doesn’t work — more often the latter than the former — but we’re way beyond the pale. The story continues to be the same aimless mess it has always been. But out of nowhere, we’ve got RAEP!

Never let women out of your sight, guys! They’ll just get raped left and right! Aki failed to protect his woman from being taken forcefully. Can Kyouhei succeed where his buddy could not? I’m told by one of my commenters that rape happens all the time! Of course! Let’s have rape in all of our stories then. RAPE RAPE RAPE I CAN’T WRITE A STORY WITHOUT OBJECTIFIED WOMEN BEING RAPED. It’s so funny when it’s girl-on-girl, but when there’s a guy– UGUU HORRIBLE NETORARE RAPEFEST 2000 AND BROCON!

I don’t care how this anime ends anymore. It can go fuck itself.

11 thoughts on “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 11: We’ll just stop here

  1. Ryan R

    I have to admit, I was eagerly awaiting your review of this, lol.

    Because this anime has jumped the shark, and has followed that up by sexually abusing whales. It deserves to be criticized like this.

    Funny read, lol

    1. E Minor Post author

      Yeah, there’s just a limit to how much brocon and rape I can take. I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones either, by the way — blasphemous, I know.

  2. Mere

    And man, don’t those tig ass bitties hurt her back? They’re the size of a morbidly obese woman’s. How does she keep them up? Does she have some kind of hidden bra technology?

    1. E Minor Post author

      What you don’t know is that she actually has more boob than you can see. Hidden boob space. Girls can pull giant hammers out of a bag so….

  3. Marow

    I feel like throwing up. This is the worst anime I’ve seen, excluding the OVA of Highschool of the Dead. Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible.

    About something completely else, how do you keep the subs on the pictures? They just disappear for me (VLC).


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