Kamisama Dolls Ep. 11: We’ll just stop here

Last week, I criticized the anime for failing to show the audience how Kyouhei managed to overcome that terrible day in his youth. Instead, the anime opted to tell us how “broken” Kyouhei came to be. Continue reading “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 11: We’ll just stop here”


Kamisama Dolls Ep. 10: Half good, half dumb


I’ll never understand how this show manages to get as much leeway as it does from anime fans. Continue reading “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 10: Half good, half dumb”


Kamisama Dolls Ep. 9: Utao-face

Remember how this series started? There were screaming, explosions, murders — Kamisama Dolls felt like a potential sleeper hit. Continue reading “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 9: Utao-face”


Kamisama Dolls Ep. 8: Random stuff happens

“Please watch my anime. It is a very good anime.”

As ham-fisted and exploitative as last week’s Kamisama Dolls was, it at least tried to introduce some emotion to the story. The eighth episode of the anime is just meandering and pointless. Continue reading “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 8: Random stuff happens”


Kamisama Dolls Ep. 7: Lazy storytelling

I know Aki’s backstory is supposed to be tragic, but I feel like “Kamisama Dolls” is taking the easy way out. Continue reading “Kamisama Dolls Ep. 7: Lazy storytelling”