C3 Ep. 1: Imagine Kannagi falling out of a tree


…and hitting every ugly branch on the way down. Here’s the revolutionary premise: Haruaki, a mild-mannered shounen, is just minding his own business when, all of a sudden, he receives a mysterious, black box from his dad. Oh well, it’s just a box, right? No, it’s actually a flat-chested girl!

And so begins the wacky comedy hijinks of C3. Watch Nagi Fiya as she tries to do laundry and tidy up Haruaki’s place. She’s just a box though so she fails… with funny results! Oh that lovable rapscallion. C3 is obviously in good hands; its comedy is built upon a rock-solid foundation of anime’s refined physical humor. Why try anything new and thus risk failure? If I’ve laughed before at a haughty girl failing to do even the simplest task, why wouldn’t I laugh again! Why, if ‘x’ was funny in 2001, surely, it’ll be funny again in 2011.

Haruaki: “‘Cause you’re a cube! Get it? Ahaha, I slay myself.”

At one point, Tsugumi Konoha, a childhood friend, drops by to bring the harem lead some food, but upon seeing Nagi Fiya in nothing but a shirt and panties, hilarious misunderstanding ensues! Oh ho ho, a boy and a girl living together under the same roof? What madness! But Haruaki has to go to school. In the meantime, Nagi Fiya will just have to make do with television. It’s like déjà vu:

Yeah, yeah, the story will probably get a lot darker and a lot more serious in later episodes, but so what? Will that excuse this terrible first episode? Plus, if the show actually improves, I’ll gladly admit it. I’m always willing to watch good anime. Hell, I’ll even finish mediocre anime. C3, however, looks like utter dreck.

Such quality animation
Last I checked, we only have a few months left before it’s 2012. How is possible then that C3‘s animation can be so piss poor? I initially tweeted that the anime resembled a flash cartoon, but this would be an insult to flash cartoon. I’d rather watch a 2003 short of Homestar Runner than this sorry thing they call animation. First off, half of every scene appears to be covered in cheap red and blue lighting. It’s like I’m watching the anime in a seedy strip club.

There are square shapes everywhere too, but don’t expect this “motif” to amount to anything…

…other than to re-iterate the fact that she’s a box! Did you forget? She’s a box! As for the rest of the anime…

Looking good.

I’ve never seen a remote with buttons 10 and 11.

I love Google Translate!
I don’t normally critique an anime’s subbing because most subbers are amateurs; essentially, they’re providing us a free service. But c’mon, nobody even proofread the script before it got sent out. I guess I should take some solace in the funky Engrish though. It is sadly the most entertaining thing about C3‘s first episode. Some choice lines:

Er, what?

Ah yes, the fun school where you can study funology.

Haruaki: “Me caveman. Me go school now.”

In France, they call it le vaccume. I know this because I’m learned.

Has anyone really been far even as decided…

…to use even go want to do look more like?

Thumbs up! That was fun!

19 thoughts on “C3 Ep. 1: Imagine Kannagi falling out of a tree

    1. E Minor Post author

      “Yeah, yeah, the story will probably get a lot darker and a lot more serious in later episodes, but so what? Will that excuse this terrible first episode?”

  1. Anonymous

    This is exactly like any other harem comedy I’ve seen. Are otaku seriously not getting tired of this boring shtick?

    1. thearbee

      As long as the eyes are big and round, noses small and mouths a-simple… poses never subtle, varieties a-few, and voices squeaky… Otakus will always find ways to wank to shtick like this and imagine that they are the Dull Protags whose stick the girls want hopping.

  2. Marcomax

    I’ll be honest, I was a little excited to see what this show was about after seeing the first promotional video. If I had taken the time to read the show description or watch the second promotional video, I probably would have a better idea of what I was getting into. The question now is do I tough it out until it “gets good” or move on to something else?

    1. E Minor Post author

      Do you really think they could do anything interesting with the premise, i.e. tools of torture fighting each other? It’s just going to be anthropomorphic weapons with boobs doing battle.

  3. Marow

    I heard Silver Link, the studio, is an offspring of Shaft. Not sure if it’s true, but if it is, it might explain the trippy stuff.

    Is Kannagi any good? I mean, the little picture in the url-place (whatever it’s called) is from that show.

    1. E Minor Post author

      If sticking dumb beams of light everywhere is trippy, I guess C3 can be my anti-drug.

      As for Kannagi, it was kind of funny for a few episodes then it got lame. Your mileage may vary.


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