Noragami Ep. 6: Use me…

noragami 0602

…’til I can get my satisfaction.

Episode summary: Yukine is still depressed over last week’s events, so he runs off yet again. At the mall, he realizes that nobody can stop him from stealing, so he swipes a skateboard. When Yato and Hiyori finally locate the rebellious Regalia, Hiyori covers for Yukine by claiming to Yato that she had paid for the kid’s skateboard. Suddenly, Bishamonten, the blonde goddess we were introduced to in last week’s episode, attacks Yato. She intends to avenge one of her fallen Regalias by killing both Yato and his Regalia. With Bishamonten in hot pursuit of our protagonist, Hiyori runs to Kofuku for help. The goddess of bad luck interrupts the battle between Yato and Bishamonten by opening up a giant vent, ‘causing Phantoms to flood into the human world. In the end, this forces Bishamonten to retreat, but not before she sneers at Yato’s weakening state. Our formerly carefree god is wondering whether or not he and Yukine can ever truly coexist as a team. Taking advantage of the situation, Nora steps out from the shadows — it appears that she’s been stalking him this entire time — to offer him her services as a Regalia once more.


• I guess Yukine is still staying at Hiyori’s house for the time being. By making hot cocoa and baking cookies for him, I still feel as though she’s just enabling the kid. After all, Yukine thinks it’s okay to just “borrow” whatever he sees if he feels like it, so it doesn’t help when people with good intentions continually pamper him as though he’s a pet to be cared for. Did he even face any consequence for running away last week and almost getting himself killed the process? And still, he gets to go back to Hiyori’s cushy home where he gets free food and shelter. What I’m saying is that Yukine isn’t Hiyori’s child, but she’s spoiling him rotten.

noragami 0603

• So naturally, Yukine makes a mess of the cocoa and cookies (what a waste of good cocoa), then runs off to the mall. Yeah, he didn’t ask to become Yato’s Regalia, but I don’t think he’s doing much better under Hiyori’s watch. Even worse, he wants to blame what happened last week to the little girl on Yato. No, I get it; he’s immature because he is still young. And that’s why it’s even more critical that Hiyori doesn’t enable Yukine’s rotten behavior.

• On a more light-hearted note, what happens to the skateboard once it enters Yukine’s possession anyhow? What I mean is that people can obviously see a skateboard as it is a physical object, but people can’t see Yukine because he currently exists as a supernatural being. So again, what happens to the skateboard? Let’s say Yukine is currently riding around on it. Do people just see a skateboard traveling to and fro with nobody on top? Or does it suddenly become supernatural as soon as Yukine steals it, and it is thus invisible to the human eye? But when Yukine and Hiyori was having a mini tug-of-war over a skateboard last week, was half of it visible?

• Why would Hiyori ask her friends if they’ve seen Yukine? How could they have seen him?

• What a coincidence that all three of our main characters would run into each other at exactly the same time….

noragami 0604

• Welp, Hiyori fails again. Yato asks if it’s true that she had bought Yukine a skateboard. She knows she didn’t, and yet, she tells Yato that she did. Now remember, Yato has repeatedly told Hiyori that he feels a stinging pain whenever Yukine has dirty or immoral thoughts. I guess Hiyori must have just plain forgotten about it. In any case, she is enabling Yukine’s rotten behavior hardcore.

• What’s with Bishamonten’s getup anyway? Gods are immortal, right? So I doubt she’s always looked like that. At what point did she decide, “Yeah, a bikini top and a miniskirt would really make a fearsome-looking god of combat.”

• Yato reveals to Yukine that the latter’s emotional state impacts him just as much. In other words, binding a Regalia to yourself is almost like an act of trust. After all, you wouldn’t want to bind an emotionally unstable Regalia. You’d just end up sapping your own power as a result. But here’s the thing: Yato merely bound Yukine out of nowhere. He had never known Yukine until the day he made the wayward spirit his Regalia. So was Yato being foolishly reckless? Hasn’t he been around the block long enough, so to speak, to know otherwise?

• Apparently, Bishamonten is full of Regalias. Even her clothes are Regalias. Wait, her clothes too? Even that bikini top? Even her miniskirt?

• What a burn: “Just leave me alone already, you half-naked, jacket-wearing tramp!” Yeah, get your jacket-wearing ass outta my town!

• Well, all I know is that all those Regalias can’t help Bishamonten aim for jack:

noragami 0605

So much for the god of combat.

• Mystery solved, I guess. It turns out every god has a nice smell to them… ’cause Hiyori’s a cat. And cats have a keen sense of smell. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she still doesn’t have a crush on Yato — I mean, just look at the way she blushes when she’s attempting to “sniff” out his scent — but hey, at least he doesn’t smell awesome just because her heart goes doki doki whenever he’s around.

• According to Yato, he killed one of Bishamonten’s Regalias just because he felt like it. I doubt that’s true. Why he would feel the need to lie, however, is beyond me. Naturally, Yukine is now concerned that he might one day be killed if Yato ever feels like it.

• Well, now Bishamonten’s a Final Fantasy character.

• Not one but two ladies show up to save Yato’s ass. Well, three if you count Hiyori. What a ladykiller.

noragami 0606

• In the end, Yukine still hasn’t learned his lesson. Hiyori certainly won’t discipline him, and since she saw fit to take the Regalia away from Yato, she’s technically responsible for this whole mess. On a related note, I bet we’ll never see that skateboard again. Oh well. I guess you could say that these episodes are just as much about Hiyori’s lack of maturity as they are about Yukine’s.

• The story has moved forward this week, but… well, I didn’t get much out of it other than what literally happened. That’s a little disappointing.


7 Replies to “Noragami Ep. 6: Use me…”

  1. At what point did she decide, “Yeah, a bikini top and a miniskirt would really make a fearsome-looking god of combat.”

    …I’m going to guess the 1980s. ^__^

    I’m still giving her outfit a pass because I find soemthing inherently appealing in just -wearing- servants who are bound to you…

    And to be fair to Hiyori, she was only covering for Yukine because the last thing Yato said to her (well, that we saw, but apparently the aftermath of child phantom wasn’t worth showing) was how he’d judge Yukine. I think. xD

    1. I’m still giving her outfit a pass because I find soemthing inherently appealing in just -wearing- servants who are bound to you…

      When Yato isn’t busy fighting, Yukine gets to walk around on his two feet and be himself. Even when Bishamonten isn’t fighting, however, her Regalias have to serve as her clothing. Seems kinda uncomfortable… unless the bikini-Regalia is into collecting boob sweat all day. Well, the bikini top probably isn’t a Regalia, but then why wear a bikini top when you’re the god of combat…?

      And to be fair to Hiyori, she was only covering for Yukine because the last thing Yato said to her (well, that we saw, but apparently the aftermath of child phantom wasn’t worth showing) was how he’d judge Yukine. I think. xD

      Still, it’s not like he’s going to kill Yukine just because he stole a skateboard. He does need some sort of punishment though unless Hiyori’s content to endure Yukine’s rebellious teen phase for however long it lasts.

  2. I’m really happy that the author at least sees hiyori culpable for blame here. Everytime she covers up yukine’s crimes and continues to shield him from yato, she’s enabling his rotten behavior, and now you’re seeing yukine act out more boldly.

    She took on the responsibility of caring for yukine like a housecat, did a shit job, and doesn’t realize that yukine is destroying yato in the process. No other character angers/annoys me as much as hiyori. My old lab professor used to say, “if you’re not going to help, then at least don’t mess my experiments up”…….and I feel like ever since hiyori’s been associated with yato , she sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong and without consulting anyone, proceeds to make matters worse.

  3. I’m so relieved someone else sees hiyori in the same light as i do. Whose bright idea was it to adopt a shinki like a housecat and spoil it rotten? Call her a plot mover, catalyst, whatever…..but she has mostly been the cause of every single problem so far. Even taking into account her good intentions of meddling, she continues to exacerbate the problems by trying to ‘fix it’ on her own, or by leaving it alone (in this case with yukine).

    Putting it in a favorably, she’s strong headed and moralistic. But everytime i watch her, she comes off as stubborn, and arrogant. In what universe does she think she’s in any position to dictate what yato does? (I should note, that I’m replying to this after watching episode 7 as well)

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