Buddy Complex Ep. 8: Hot spelunking action

buddy complex 0803

After winning Dio’s affections, Aoba must now turn his attention to a new conquest: the courtship of Yumihara Hina. I hope you’ve braced yourself for tons of lurid shots of Hina’s cleavage.

Episode summary: As we expected, Aoba and Hina are stranded on an island. Like every island in every story ever, it comes equipped with a cave for our two love birds to take shelter within. It doesn’t take long before the island becomes overly-attached to our heroes, however, and a landslide traps them inside the cave. Eventually, Aoba uses his shounen powers to break them out of the cave, thereby saving Hina from drowning (again). To top it all off, he even allows her to contact Zogilia through his Valiancer so that she doesn’t become a prisoner of the Alliance. All in a day’s work for the average mecha protagonist. In the end, he gives her that hairpin he got from the original Hina as if this would be a meaningful gesture or something, but it’s really not.


• Aoba should thank his lucky stars that he managed to crash-land on a tiny island instead of the massive Pacific Ocean, but hey, that’s why he’s the hero, right? You shouldn’t be one if you can’t beat the infinitesimal odds.

• Special Service Agent Margaret somehow thinks Lord Dolzief is still alive, and as such, she would rather devote Zogilia’s efforts to locating him over Hina. Last week, a commenter remarked, “It’s amazing to wonder who is dumber; Aoba for not figuring out the truth still, or Great Zogilla for actually thinking that the death of a key general and potential morale ruination for the fleet was a good thing.” Well there you go, buddy! They do care!

buddy complex 0804

• Margaret: “We don’t even know where he went down.” Maybe you shouldn’t have let a lord take part in a battle where, y’know, he could die… just a thought. Anyway, Alfred’s convinced that the guy’s dead so this is all for naught.

• As for the folks on the Cygnus, Dio’s gone all deredere as he requests permission to search for Aoba. But let’s think about it for a second. We just learned that Dio’s Emphater waveform has deteriorated greatly since he started Coupling with Aoba. Since he just Coupled with Aoba in last week’s episode, it must have deteriorated even further. I’d say he pretty much has to find Aoba, ’cause there’s no way he’s Coupling again if he doesn’t.

• Uh, last we saw Aoba, he was desperately trying to save Hina from a submerging Valiancer. When the anime cuts back to those two love birds, we find that they’ve already found shelter in some cave. C’mon Sunrise, you didn’t even let us see how Aoba managed to save Hina’s life? Well, why the hell not? Wouldn’t this sort of thing add to his heroic narrative? Wouldn’t you rather show and not tell?

• Hina proceeds to take Aoba hostage when she wakes up. Not sure what he expected to happen…

buddy complex 0805

• I love how it’s raining cats and dogs, but Aoba’s chic anime hairstyle is still holding its form perfectly amidst a storm. Hollywood starlets would love to know his secret. I’d also like to know how those two managed to find enough dry wood to start a bonfire in the middle of a massive storm, but silly me. Obviously, a Sunrise show never worries itself too much about the oh-so-insignificant details.

• Aoba: “Put that down! That’s my gun to begin with anyway.” A persuasive argument that is sure to sway the heart and soul of the enemy combatant. I’d dare say the US military could learn a thing or two from our brilliant hero. Now, repeat after me: “Bros, I know we sold you those weapons back in the 80s, but could you please give them back? Pretty please? They were ours to begin with anyway!”

• Oh boy, here we go: Aoba’s going to tell Hina all about how he’s a time-traveler from the past. This is sure to end well.

• Aoba: “Weren’t you the one who saved me?” Dude… c’mon. C’moooooon. It’s the eighth episode. Are you telling me you still think this Hina is the same Hina from the first episode of the series? I know anime heroes are typically dense, but this is ridiculous. At first, it was like, “Duh, he’s just stereotypically dumb,” but no one stays this clueless for this long.

buddy complex 0807

• Hina: “The Alliance must be really shorthanded to have someone like you piloting the new-type mecha.” Well, that new mecha did kick your ass so I guess you could say Zogilia must be really shorthanded…

• Okay, okay, you’re not the same Hina. Do you really need to tell him your entire life story though? I mean, it’s not like she’s just saying, “Yo, I’m from Zogilia, you numb nuts. I’ve never gone to school with you!” Instead, Hina’s spilling her guts: “When I was 10, I was accepted into the 11th Military Youth school.” And so on and so forth. Again, why would you tell a random member of the opposing army all these personal bits of information about yourself? Just say you think his time-traveling story’s retarded and shoot him in the thigh to shut him up. I thought Zogilia soldiers would be hard-asses.

• At first, Hina said, “All further talk is unneeded!” We then get treated to a time skip of an unspecified length. When the anime finally returns to these two, Aoba starts talking about the Hina he knows again, but this time, present-day Hina listens intently. I guess eventually, everyone falls for Aoba. Resistance is futile.

• A landslide traps these two in the cave, so Aoba and Hina has to dig their way out quickly or they’ll run out of oxygen. Desperate to impress the girl or something, Aoba goes, “Don’t underestimate a former basketball player’s stamina.”


By the way, Aoba’s literally trying to dig with a tiny log of wood:

buddy complex 0802

I just don’t even know what to say about that. Then after God only knows how many hours, Hina finally suggests that they try digging at the top of the dirt pile and not the bottom. Again, I’m just speechless.

• So uh, stuff happens, but none of it is really all that important to talk about. All you really need to know is that Hina keeps resigning herself to death, but Aoba repeatedly saves her life over and over. You could say the guy just can’t take no for answer. I guess the moral of the story is that if a girl doesn’t initially like you, just keep putting her into precarious situations.

• As expected, Aoba wasn’t going to capture Hina back to the Cygnus or anything. Naturally, he opts to do something colossally stupid instead: he’s going to let Hina use his operational Valiancer to contact Zogilia’s search team! Boy, you better hope the Luxon doesn’t store a history of its call or any like that.

• But I mean, his reasoning doesn’t even make sense. Hina naturally asks, “Why did you let me call Zogilia?” In response, Aoba explains, “Because if I didn’t, you would’ve ended up being our hostage.” But you’re the good guys. Don’t you think you’d be saving her from the tyrannical Zogilian Empire or whatever the fuck they’re called?

buddy complex 0806

• Seems kinda cruel the way the story’s setting Mayu up for the inevitable heartbreak. We know anime convention would never allow her to win Aoba’s heart.


8 Replies to “Buddy Complex Ep. 8: Hot spelunking action”

  1. they even more cruel toward Bizon, he is childhood friend and seem to have huge crush on Hina, but in ep 1 we see Hina without doubt want to kill him to protect Aoba…

      1. so far Zogilian done nothing bad, Hina doesn’t have reason to betray them, she has family and nice friends,..so i don’t really see this black and white thing like you said

  2. From what I’ve seen in the anime so far there’s obviously only one Hina in the story. The Hina Yumihara from the past (classmate) sent Aoba to the present time, the current timeline we’re seeing in the anime, where the present Hina Ryazan (enemy soldier) who doesn’t know him yet exists. So Aoba tries to talk to her all the time and we can expect her to fall in love with him. In the future Hina Ryazan (enemy soldier) will end up in a space singularity point (those time travelling portals), end up in the past, and uses the name Hina Yumihara. Why would she use that name? Because Aoba said so that Hina Yumihara was his classmate that came from the future. When Aoba was sent to the present time of the anime, Hina probably ended up in a further future.

    Now, about that hairpin. Aoba found it after the time travel. Then he gave it to Hina on the island, then Hina went back to the past with the hairpin. Then they went time travelling. The Aoba found it after the time travel… what??? I can explain Hina’s situation but the hairpin seems to be in an endless loop wherein they acquire it from each other….

    I’ve noticed that Bizon’s pilot suit in episode 1 is different from what he wears all the time. And the suit in ep.1 is glowing black & red. Probably enhances a pilot’s capabilities and with negative side effects. Because black & red usually represents bad stuff like Gundam Throne from Gundam 00, Link Joker from Cardfight Vanguard, and so on.

  3. Yeah, this was the episode where Aoba finally learned the truth, but makes some more boneheaded decisions. I do want to thank you for quoting me, but it only confirmed Margaret’s stupidity that she thinks somebody who clearly died in a big explosion is somehow still alive. Methinks it was because he was so steadfastly loyal to the Zogilla regime and its random chest-bumps and endless desire to claim Hawaii as their own that made him more endearing to Margaret’s mission than Alfried, who seems to be the only executive with a brain.

    Let me warn you when you finally see the next episode… that’s not the dumbest thing she’ll ever say or do. She somehow tops that.

    1. Let me warn you when you finally see the next episode… that’s not the dumbest thing she’ll ever say or do. She somehow tops that.

      Yeah, I’m just about to.

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