Winter 2014 Harem Hill, Week 10, Everything Else Edition: Sympathy for Lady Rapist

imocho 1024

Strap yourself in for wild ride, ’cause while Nourin is as boring as ever, this week’s episode of ImoCho is a real doozy.

Nourin Ep. 9

nourin 0902

A rather schizophrenic episode. Minami has never seen the ocean so our four friends make plans to go to the beach. Unfortunately, a typhoon hits Japan and as a result, they’re trapped indoors. When the typhoon creates muddy floodwaters, Minami goes nuts and dives into them as if she was diving into the ocean. Then everyone else joins her, and I guess this is supposed to be a subverted version of a beach episode. Unfortunately, like everything else about Nourin, this whole scene was neither funny nor did it actually subvert anything. Having the wind blow the beach ball away during a volleyball game isn’t, well, subversive. I mean, you have to have a point to your subversion. Otherwise, it’s just wacky random monkey cheese humor . Oh well.

All of a sudden, the second half of the episode gets (relatively) serious. It turns out the rice fields are in danger of being ruined by the typhoon, so the students all work together to protect them. This somehow involves driving a big bus in front of one of the fields to shield it from the powerful winds. Kosaku is afraid that he’ll be suspended for driving the bus without permission, but Ringo gives him a pep talk to give him the courage to save the day. As a result, the two of them share a moment:

nourin 0901

But this scene doesn’t jive with the first half of the episode whatsoever. Again, Nourin is a schizophrenic anime that doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

Saikin Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga Ep. 10

Mitsuki starts off the episode by asking, “Honestly, Hiyori… Just who are you, and where did you come from?” Do we really care though? Do we? Especially Mitsuki of all people. If I was her, I’d just find myself an exorcist. After all, why should I pity a ghost that has been sexually traumatizing me for the past few months just so that she can get into heaven? The girl then scolds Hiyori for always having a blase attitude: “How can you be all right with forgetting everything from before you died, including the memories of the person you love?” Of course, Hiyori has the nerve to get mad at Mitsuki for daring to ask such a mild question. The ghost then calls Mitsuki a jerk and disappears, leaving behind only a note:


Yo… I think this calls for a celebration! The selfish, incest-loving rapist is gone! Holy shit, let’s break out the champagne!

But let’s face it… Mitsuki will eventually realize that she was a jerk (no, she wasn’t), and begin to feel bad for driving Hiyori away (no, she shouldn’t). Just you wait! Even though our heroine has all the reasons in the world to hate Hiyori, she’ll somehow end up apologizing to the ghost by the end of the episode. Even worse, she’ll even regret being so “mean” to the Hiyori because, uh… because they are BFFs now!

Meanwhile, Yuki stops by with yet another bag of caeki. One has to wonder how these characters manage to stay so slim. But nevermind that for now, because the real show is just about to begin!

imocho 1002imocho 1004

“I-I’m just so saaaaaad! The girl who gropes me in my sleep, forces me to expose myself to my brother, and steals my body for her own personal gain… well, she’s not here to eat cake with me!”  negativeman-55f

imocho 1003

“That’s right! I did go too far! How could I have said all those horrible things to her! I said… I said that she should try harder to recover her memories! Oh my god, that is the worst thing that has ever been uttered to another human being. I’m literally Hitler incarnate.”  negativeman-55f

imocho 1005

“…it’s not like I miss her or anything… I… I just wish we could eat dinner together again…” negativeman-55f

imocho 1006

“…everything reminds me of her… even this piece of fried egg.” negativeman-55f

imocho 1007

“And she taught me how to appreciate sports! That makes up for all the bad things she’s done!” negativeman-55f

imocho 1008

“Plus, I would never have entertained the idea of incest before her!!!”  negativeman-55f

imocho 1009

Yo, maybe it’s just heartburn, you weirdo. But obviously, it’s not. She actually going to have an orgasm… again. Y’see, when she was reaching for the soy sauce, Yuuya was reaching for it as well. Uh oh… their hands touched, and we all know how sacred hand-touching is in anime! And just like that, the uber-sensitive girl is now doubling over from the pleasure coursing through her body. Naturally, Yuuya doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, so he proceeds to rub her back in order to make her feel better. Heh, she’s feeling better alright. And ever the protective oniichan, Yuuya then picks the poor girl up from her chair in order to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her, which… well, I’m sure you can guess how this will turn out:

imocho 1010imocho 1011imocho 1012

When Mitsuki heads to the bathroom, she suddenly discovers that her chastithong is missing. Does this mean that Hiyori’s gone for good? Did she finally make her way into heaven? Of course not, but let’s see where this stupid fucking anime goes anyway. Somehow, this takes us to the supermarket where Mitsuki gets all sad when she sees a Christmas decoration:

imocho 1013

“Hiyori was my angel…” negativeman-55f

imocho 1014

“I’m sorry for being so unfairly mean to you! You’ve done nothing to deserve my harsh words!” negativeman-55f

imocho 1015

Yep, she’s literally crying for Hiyori. Literally crying for the girl who’s put her through all sorts of humiliating, degrading shit. If this isn’t Stockholm Syndrome, I don’t know what it is. Being the gallant oniichan that he is, Yuuya then offers to help Mitsuki look for Hiyori. But remember, Yuuya doesn’t actually know he’s looking for a ghost. He actually thinks Hiyori is Mitsuki’s lesbian partner. Nope, if you’re reading these entries for the first time, I’m not even shitting you.

imocho 1025

Yeah, sure. That’s why you started crying when you thought she was gone for good. Uh huh.

imocho 1017


imocho 0105

“But uguu, she’s my tomodachi now.” negativeman-55f

imocho 1018

Oh look, Hiyori hasn’t disappeared after all:

imocho 1019

Who would’ve guessed! Shortly afterwards, Hiyori bestows upon Mitsuki a new chastithong. That’s right! Since Mitsuki complained about the previous one, Hiyori went ahead and asked the powers-that-be (probably a bunch of divine chikans) for a different design. “How can this be?!” the disembodied narrator box exclaims, “The chastity belt she was so unhappy with has turned into something even fatter and more XXX!” Oh boy, I’m sure glad Mitsuki cried all those tears for Hiyori! But despite our heroine’s unhappiness with her latest chastithong, let’s not forget what this episode is all about. That’s right! It’s all about appreciating your rapist. Now appreciate! Appreciate harder!

imocho 1020

I ain’t leaving till you apologize to your rapist right now, young lady!

imocho 1023

And there we go. We’ve just contrived a scenario in which a rape victim apologizes to her rapist.


19 Replies to “Winter 2014 Harem Hill, Week 10, Everything Else Edition: Sympathy for Lady Rapist”

      1. “decency investigation”
        HAhaha!! Nice! I’m excited for this. I can just see it now: “Show containing implied rape, humiliation, and grossly incestuous overtones scars children”. Maybe now we can have a boot crush this imouto fad before everything gets infused with this disgusting trend (even more so). Or hell, even a comment about the obvious rape would be fine.
        So what’s the complaint they’re working off of? What’s the big issue they’re nailing ImoCho with? I bet it-

        “…Program contains explicit sexual situations, such as a high school girl talking about masturbating,”

        Fuck this world.

  1. You kind of just blew my mind with how skeevy and vile Saikin Imouto whatever is.

    Aren’t they making a live action version of that? How the fuck is that going to work?

        1. I’d watch and write about it, but movies, especially live action movies, take forever to be uploaded and subbed in comparison to anime. After all, we gotta wait for that much anticipated DVD release.

  2. “We’ve just contrived a scenario in which a rape victim apologizes to her rapist.”
    -This episode
    -meant to be heartwarming and cute

    There are no words. Only nightmares…

    Anyway, great review as usual. ImoCho is absolute cancer, but at least it leads to great review fodder from you. haha


    Can’t wait to see the thrilling conclusion where her brother realizes his sister wasn’t gay but was in fact just orgasming over his touch, which then leads to his avoidence and awkwardness around his brainwashed sister for the rest of his life.
    Thanks ImoCho! ;D

    1. Well, judging by your reaction to this week’s episode, I’m sure you’re excited to know next week’s episode will be the obligatory hot springs one. Every harem anime’s gotta have one!

      1. It also seems like they’re obligatorily placed around week 9 or 10 of the season. I understand that Nisekoi just had its own. Zvezda did too (though they played it very well).

        1. It also seems like they’re obligatorily placed around week 9 or 10 of the season.

          I’d imagine it’s around this time that people’s interests in these shows begin to flag, so nothing like stripping high school girls naked to do the trick.

        2. Why does their interest flag anyway? I mean, it’s not like they shouldn’t expect what they get. And if they don’t, hey, the hot springs episode is not exactly breaking new ground.

          1. Why does their interest flag anyway?

            I think this is just a natural phenomenon of every show and not just the bad ones. If you look at most shows’ ratings, interest will always flag around midseason regardless of the show’s quality. Hell, even with a show like Kill la Kill, I was getting a tad bored around episodes 7-11.

            And if they don’t, hey, the hot springs episode is not exactly breaking new ground.

            Well c’mon, porn never breaks new ground either, but most people never stop watching it. When it comes to eye candy like a hot springs episode, nobody needs it to break new grounds.

            1. Yeah, half joking there. But honestly, I think this is actually more part of a now crystallized ritual. They don’t do it to shake it up a bit, rather, they do as the ultimate form of predictability. So predictable, you can actually tell what will come and when. To quote Futurama: ” “.

        3. (I apparently messed with the HTML there. The quote was: “Why not? It’s clever, it’s unexpected.” “But that’s not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared.”)

      2. HAhaha! Of course, because why the hell wouldn’t this have a hot springs episode?
        Thing is, whereas most harem animes take tired cliches and make them even blander, every aged trope this show uses is distorted from bland to creepy once the show’s premise and fetish for victim humiliation comes into play.

        Lord only knows what horrors the next episode will bring…

        Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of incest anime…

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